Do you own a dvd player?

  • I own at least one DVD player
  • A what in the who now?

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tangent from the redbox code thread. Because I’m amazed that even one person still owns one of those things.

I even own a (working) VHS player!


We have one dedicated DVD player, not hooked up at the moment. We also have several devices capable of playing DVDs: laptop, desktop computer, XBox, Play Station.

I still have a 5.25 inch floppy drive


I get Netflix disks. Much better movie selection than instant

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Wow. Seriously, people own dvd players? Unbelievable.
I stopped using dvd’s well over 5, maybe 10 years ago. Went to the video store and all the decent movies were rented. Came home, turned on a streaming service and watched the movie I wanted. Never got in the car to rent a dvd again.
A few years later, the dvd players were gathering dust and they got turfed. Never had the occassion to need one again.

(with the exception of operating system installs, but I do those with a usb now instead of dvd).

I interpreted the question as “a device capable of playing DVDs.” So I counted the seldom-used Blu-ray player, the seldom-used old windows laptop, and the minivan.

difference is, I can always find a movie to watch w/o a DVD
but I can’t find all the movies I WANT to watch w/o a DVD

I have a list - actually lists

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Local library system carries a large selection of movies not on streaming services. The library movies are free.


I don’t think I actually use mine. I have a blu-ray + dvd combo drive in my computer but like my parents’ land line it kind of just sits there unused. For some reason I keep thinking it might come in handy one day.

We only use it 3-4 times per year. We did a few weeks ago - some SpaceLobster-like neighbors were giving away a bunch of DVDs, and there were several we wanted to watch (some not currently streaming on the services we pay for). Worked out great.

We’ll also get harder-to-find DVDs from the library.

Well this is certainly a revelation. Yuse guys are watching old movies? I never even really considered watching much other than recent blockbusters.

There’s probably some way that you folks enjoy movies differently than I do. I’m a ‘turn it on, let the sound wash over me as I drool and don’t think for 90 minutes’.

some, but I can also get the recent Oscar nominated films a lot sooner than I see them for free streaming

Some of us own some DVDs and find them useful when the internet gets sketchy

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I have a combo VHS/DVD player!!! :older_man:

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Same… two in fact!

I specifically chose the disc version of the PS5, to continue having the option to play old movies we have. We haven’t used it yet, but someday I will convince my spouse to finally watch Dogma.

Apple decided to take one of my favorite movies I bought several years ago and make it the Spanish-only version. I don’t speak Spanish, and 2 hours later with customer service I was still SOL. So I bought the dvd and a cheap player because at least that can’t have the language changed on me.

Might be easier to just learn Spanish vs trying to talk to some customer service agents.

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Yeah we have two TVs, and can watch VHS and DVD on both. One has a combo VHS/DVD player and the other has a BluRay player and a VCR.

We can only watch BluRay movies on one of the TVs, but we hardly have any BluRays.