Do you do elf on the shelf?

This was after my time as a kid so I’ve never done it. Curious how popular it is with GA families. Basically there’s an elf spying on kids for Santa who moves every morning on return.

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do you want the Jew vote?

Don’t have Mensch on the Bench either


I think no is a fair vote then.

Why, yes, let’s lie to our kids about yet another thing so they won’t trust what we say about drugs and alcohol and that pretty boy/girl with no brains down the street when they get wise.

Santa is weird as is that stupid elf. Us jews don’t believe in lying to children.

kinda goes along with that jesus myth though.

I do

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I tried the whole “do we really wanna lie to our kids and do Santa?” thing, but I lost that battle…


I lie about Santa and enjoy doing so and we added the Elf. Though our Elf is less of a filthy narc and more of a “find the Elf in the morning” game, where he’s occasionally done some antics.


No idea what this means. - Asian


And all the jewish myths?


It wouldn’t be much of a mystery as to where the elf is everyday since I’m the only one who lives in my house…

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Yes, this morning our (two) elves were having tea with Barbie and Ken

I will say the whole “find where the elves are in the morning!” routine is not conducive to sleeping past 6:45am or so.



Jews dont do santa or elf on a shelf. Its a christian thing like Jesus

pun intended?

Just wait until you get the difference between school day awakening time vs vacation day awakening time. How they can tell when they are asleep is truly one of life’s wonders.

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I prefer Snoop on The Stoop

snag on the vag