Do some people expect you to talk over them?

Sometimes people will ask me something but then they never stop talking so the question goes unanswered.

are you talking about @meep?

Depends on a lot of factors (my relationship to the person, my passion about the topic, importance of the question, etc.), but my latest go-to has been to just let the person talk. Then I usually only have to answer the last question. Makes for less work!

Oh, man, I really slept in this morning!!! And I gotta make some bread and holy crap, I have some work to do before my meeting this aft. Holy geez, I thought we were gonna get a crapload of snow today, but it was only a light dusting. Did you see that big block of gold in Central Park??? That thing has to weigh a ton!!! Boy, that Wordle today wasn’t too bad: I got it in 4!!! :slight_smile:


Watching enough law shows that’s when you say OBJECTION, COMPOUND QUESTION


:laughing: now we just need to normalize shouting “OBJECTION!” when people have conversations with actuaries

Did I ask him any questions?

I doubt it. I was just yelling at a building.

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hmmmm, true. a lot of energy went into yelling at that building.



Not specifically but usually in work meetings where I am expected to contribute. Sometimes two people will just get into an argument and then the meeting time is up so I just leave the meeting.

“Objection! Argumentative”

CS can’t handle the truth!!!

It was a big building. It could take it.

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I’ve started teaching Jr High this year. Yes, yes they do.

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Oof been there. Good luck!

ew, why? that’s the most evil age there is.

Gotta start somewhere. I might get moved to high school next year. It’s not decided yet.

That comes with a whole new set of problems but it’s more manageable imo because at least some of the kids are a bit more mature.

My mom loved teaching middle school math. She said, “yes, the kids are an emotional mess, but they have just grown into their adult intelligence, but haven’t yet learned much of what they can now understand. I get to show them all sorts of neat things that they’ve never seen or thought of before.”