DNGAF Friday

Failing someone on the last day is mean.

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I can’t grade what I don’t have. :man_shrugging: I could make a single assignment that says to pass the quarter, “write the number ‘6’ here” and kids will still not do it. I actually worked with guidance to drag our last couple of potential this-year grads across the finish line kicking and screaming today.

Last week a colleague at another location begged me to help one of his kiddos get to the finish line. It was just a couple days before graduation. Smart kid but Spanish is his first language so there was a barrier there. I looked at the quarter and gave him all of the most visual assignments as a path to passing.

He did it, and he walked. :mortar_board: :confetti_ball: I have some experience working with ELL students, so I have a sense of some of the kinds of things they need to be successful in a math class.


I should have used red font. I know very few teachers actually take pleasure in failing students, and you have been working to prevent that all along. Enjoy your summer!

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Most people seem to be offline. I found a shady spot on the patio to read a book, which technically I’m reading for work but it’s really interesting. Seems productive enough for today.


Boss on vacay, WFH, projects caught up. First day of all my kids summer, none working, so a leisurely family lunch at a local Cajun place. 82°F and breezy. with this view. Definitely a cross post with Happy Thoughts.


Insomnia plus having to deal with people shot my morning to hell. There are Fs needed to give, but I’m struggling to find them.

I also have a headache. Not sure if it’s lack of sleep or dehydration.

I completed one of my filings. It’s early but I needed to be early bc I have a bunch more after this one. I sent it to the compliance person to send it to the state and they are out thru next Friday (the due date). This is why I shouldn’t be early.

I have my sbux latte and now DNGAF. Still hafta work the process doc this weekend. :frowning:



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Took yesterday off. More wine tasting today. Place on Paso called the The Tiki Room tonight. Taking Fs, which is mathematically same as giving negative Fs.

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Sitting on the sbux patio with a latte and some treats from the bakery. Cranking up the GAF-o-meter to a deuce, mebbe a trey…

What are you GAFing about?

Process documentation. For the accountables and auditories…

Now I am on the back deck at home. :sunglasses: Just killed a ******in’ :mosquito: !!!

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I decided to wear pants for a video meeting this morning. Next time might be different. :thinking:

ETA: I wore pants for my afternoon meeting too, but the week is young… :slight_smile:


Continuing with the documentation. We’re also having issues with balances carrying over to the next period, but someone else is working on it. About a 4 on the GAF-o-meter today.

And I’m wearing shorts because it’s warm today. I might even go actuarialize on the deck!! :sunglasses:


Nothing really urgent on my end today. Trying to unpack an FP&A model to see if I can help unpack how we do revenue projections for a new division, it’s a real rat’s nest of a model. Gonna hit the DMV after lunch to get tags for my new car - usually that only takes like 30 minutes here, not a big deal. And the first Friday of every month is ‘meeting light Friday,’ so just one meeting today!

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Didn’t get to start on month-end things yesterday like I hoped, so doing that today instead…
…and whatever other crap comes up. Sadly many Fs G’d today I think.

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Oh dang, a new CMS document just dropped talking about the specifics of the MSSP trend for 2024, I’m gonna GAF and read up on that today. 17 pages, I think I’ll survive.