DNGAF Friday

You’re right, uuuugh. See you at the office tomorrow morning.

What a great relief day. Wrapped up my last final exam last night. And I’ve had this large stupid work project I’ve had pending that needs to get done asap that I don’t want to do nor do my staff. Basically it’s a 3 day cut and paste. I was on a discord server and one of the students who’s coming camping with me said he’s looking for work. Dropped off a laptop this morning to him, he’ll be done Monday likely. Right off my plate. What a relief. No work, no homework tonite. Might glue my ass to the couch and watch a movie.
Of course what I want to do is start prestudying for next term but my spouse gave me hell for even suggesting it, so I’ll take at least one day off.

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Early :bump:

I’m on our weekly staff call, after this I’m done. Zero mental energy left, between a few fire drills at work and my bath remodel going south.

My post-lunch snooze went a little long, so I hafta do some actuarializing now. All set up on the deck with a coffee!!

I’m doing whatever I do until I get tired. Or start having worse brain fog. Or Cedar Cove comes on. This not-Covid crud has taken it OUT of me this week. I’m hoping to get some work done tomorrow as well. Maybe between 2 days I’ll get in 8 hours.

Mostly I’m trying to take inventory and make sure I don’t forget stuff. But I did just put together an experience analysis on a rate filing I have coming up. That felt good.