Dat feel when

…people :heart: your annoyed thoughts and you’re not sure if they’re liking you being annoyed or they’re being sympathetic.


Go :sleeping_bed:

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tenor (3)

I think people like you and like when you post.


Not sure what there is to like about this…


…there’s been so much thread drift that you have to look at the thread title to remember what it’s supposed to be about.

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…you put a nasty bag of garbage in the can right before the garbage truck comes.

…I know it’s best to let something go but I keep mentally arguing anyway.

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…you realize it’s time to use the ignore feature.

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You can do it, I believe in you. I have found this setup’s Ignore to be better than the old one. Back then, I would see that an ignored poster had posted, just not the content. Here, not even that!

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The mistake I’ve been making is being overly optimistic with the ignore feature’s expiration timing. Is a month long enough? Two? Might need to make it indefinite.

LOL!!! This is so actuary.

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If I’m going to the effort to put someone on ignore - it’s almost certainly going to be forever.

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I don’t like the idea of not being able to coexist with someone forever. But your approach might be the right one.

…you’re the right amount of buzzed with that happy relaxed feeling that’s second only to sex.


Thursday is chicken night :dog:

And you got some chikkin for our dear little Echo, right???

@Echo: Remember, I can trade you chikkin for deeeeeeeeeeetz!!! :chicken: :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg: :poultry_leg: :popcorn:

All I know is door shut on Pie day. How can I be sure Master OK on throne? Or not get a charlie horse? :dog: