Culver's hype

Hey I keep hearing this restaurant called Culver’s is supposed to be good or something. Does it live up to the hype?

I don’t think I’ve had anything other than the frozen custard.

We have them here, I don’t think it’s anything at all to write home about. Burgers, other sandwiches, fries, dessert. Boring American food.

Well, they never compromise on quality & they genuinely care, so every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy.

I’ve tried Culvers twice and been extremely disappointed twice. Will never eat there again if I can help it.

customer service is solid. I find the crews well trained and know the menu, answer questions well, etc.

food is…ok. it’s fast food. although I do like their fish and chips dinner and a couple other things. wouldn’t drive extra far to get it.

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I think it’s better than most fast-food, which is a pretty low bar to be sure, but they clear it.

They offer broccoli as a side, or you can sub it for your fries for an up-charge. If you’re on a road trip and eating a lot of fast food, the green veggie option is welcome. In maybe 15 times ordering the broccoli, once it was pretty mushy but the other 14 times it was reasonably cooked. A little more cooked than I’d do at home, but not bad.

It’s a lot of broccoli. If I’m with someone and we’re getting two meals we’ll get one with broccoli and one with fries and share both.

They do offer ice cream. And cheese options besides American. (I think they originated in Wisconsin which might result in them placing above-average emphasis on cheese.). And other sides like cole slaw, cheese curds, pretzel bites, onion rings… it’s a broader menu than a lot of fast food places. Their crinkle-cut fries are better than a lot of fast food fries.

That said… it’s still fast food. Don’t set your expectations too high.

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I like the way they cook their burgers. They use a flat top griddle and smoosh the burger down till it’s slightly crispy on the top and bottom. Their ice cream is not as good as Dairy Queen to me but others may disagree. They have crinkle cut fries which I like. I would put them squarely in the top 25% of fast food burger places.

It’s custard. Perhaps a subtle difference but a difference.

It’s a cut above other fast food but i hear that they are going over to the dark side (COKE). It’s been one of the few places that I could get my preferred dew with a burger. All the more reason to eat at home I guess.

They did start in Wisconsin but are getting close to a true national footprint.

I like their mint shake.

i like Culver’s! Probably 'cause I’m Midwestern born and bred, fat, and have a penchant both for fried foods and ice cream, they do both well, especially for fast food. I’d rather have a Culver’s than just about any drive-through.

The small things differentiate and matter. Workers act like they enjoy being there, rather than the ugh, not another one that you get at McD’s or BK or Wendy’s. Their sit-down areas inside are clean and well-organized. At the one nearest me, the owner is behind the counter every day in his blue apron, taking orders and cooking fries; it’s more than just a job or an investment to him, it’s like a matter of pride that he gets to do that, and it trickles down.

They do also have their own root beer, which is a plus. When kids were little, we’d go to lunch after church and a kids’ meal came in a bag with two coupons, one for a free scoop of ice cream and the other to save for later (get 5 points, get a bouncy ball or something). Good times.

It’s fine, better than an average fast food burger, but nowhere near Whataburger (if you like greasy style) or In n Out (if you like pseudo-fresh style).

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I think I’m with many others here. It’s good, still fast food so it’s nothing life changing.

The burgers are quite good, and they have fish and chips, a Reuben, etc, decent range of options. Broccoli if you’re feeling healthy, cheese curds if you’re not.

Agree that the service is well above average for fast food. On par with CFA, in my experience.

100% agree. It beats out McD and Burger King, albeit most things they serve are pretty unhealthy and far too fatty for my stomach. I would and actually have thrown up from eating a full combo in a sitting. It’s one of few chains that has fried cheese curds which are delicious, but again, unhealthy.

It’s also not quality. I’d trade every Culver’s for an In-and-Out.

never heard of it

So I used to work in Houston and I stopped at Whataburger a few times, and I don’t see the hype. And honestly, I didn’t think In-N-Out was all that much better. They’re both fine but I don’t get the cult following.

I’d take Culvers over either, or Freddy’s. Or Steak 'n Shake but I don’t know where one is anymore.

West Des Moines got one a year or two ago, a 1/2 mile from my house. The nearest one from there is two hours east. You should have seen the lines form when the place opened, 1/10 of a mile. Now it doesn’t get a ton of traffic anymore, but you would have thought they were handing out gold when it opened.
Come on over, I’ll treat you #bigspender

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I think i like it. Only tried it a few times because I have some midwestern friends. Only seen one in the midwest and Arizona (where I think midwesterners vacation)

In n Out was the only burger that impressed me…after my exposure to the Big Mac and Whopper that is.

Big Mac and Whopper remain the best two burgers in the country.

I disagree. Strongly so. Culver’s is thick, luscious, creamy frozen custard. DQ is decent, but plain, ice-milk.

Culvers is superior to McD’s and BK and Wendy’s. It also has some menu items that are non-universal to fast food, such as fried shrimp, pork loin sandwiches, reubens, and pot roast sandwiches.

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