CSPA Questions

I have credits for MAS I and II through exam conversion, but didn’t actually take these exams. Can I still get waiver for CSPA Exam 3? Thank you.

iCAS is changing its requirements for the CSPA credential and is now offering a waiver for CSPA Exam 3 to candidates who have passed CAS Modern Actuarial Statistics (MAS) Exams I and II.

Submit the waiver and see what happens. To be honest, I don’t think they’re going to look at how the credit was obtained, just that you do have that credit.

I have credit for MAS II and was planning on sitting for MAS I next fall to take care of the CSPA Exam 3 requirement myself.

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Thanks VA and I might just do that. I wouldn’t mind to sit for CSPA Exam 3 as the material seems interesting but it would certainly be nice to skip the actual exam. I guess I’ll work with my employer first to see if they are willing to reimburse the exam costs.

Does anyone know if there’s a forum for CSPA related discussions (now that AO is down)?

I have asked for one; but I think that’s still pretty low on the priority list.

I’d say for now to either use the CAS General and use a #CSPA tag with it.

Alternately, use the Property/Casualty sub-forum, but still use the #CSPA tag.

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I asked iCAS this exact question and was told I needed to actually pass the exams to get the waiver.

Thanks. In this case I’ll just take Exam 3 if I decide to get CSPA.

I was going to guess this. Back when I helped the CAS deal with weird transition issues, we would certainly have looked at how you got the credit, and the transition credit for the MAS exams doesn’t give you anything like the experience you are supposed to have for CSPA.

I think we should ask for a category for iCAS, the CAS institute. It gives a couple of credentials, but i don’t think there are enough people in the program to have more than one forum for it just yet.

@SpaceLobster, @Serena what do you think?

I’m on the SOA side, Serena’s pensions. So…I’ll vote for whatever you think is best since you’re familiar with CAS.
LMK if you want a new category created.

I would suggest a new category for CAS Institute and merge the two current Online Courses into this category (first tagging any thread appropriately).

The Online Courses are managed by the CAS Institute as it is (IIRC).

No, the online courses are managed by the same company that the cas has partnered with to create iCAS, but the online courses should keep their own category. They are part of the typical path to ACAS or FCAS. They aren’t part of the cas institute.

But yes, please create a new category named either “iCAS” or “CAS Institute”.


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Hmm, the intro to risk management course might be the same

The law and accounting one certainly isn’t. iCAS doesn’t fall with that stuff

So, to confirm, we want a new section in the exam area called Icas?

Preferably iCAS, but yes. That’ll work, IMO.

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Yes, thanks.


Thanks! And moving this thread there.

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The new CAS credentialing changes state that the new online course will pull largely from the iCAS data visualization exam. Does that mean candidates who take this course can get a waiver for that exam?

If so, it would eliminate virtually every exam required for a CSPA for new associates. Seems like it waters down that credential to almost nothing.

Nope. There’s certainly going to be a project that likely won’t be pulled into ACAS/FCAS credentialing. And IMO, this project is the primary means of demonstrating one’s knowledge and understanding of both the process and how to document your work. Proper evaluation instrument for assessing at the “higher” levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.