CSPA Questions


Anyone know anyone who’s actually done the CSPA track at this point? All my discussions have been with people who either placed out of most of the requirements or got it through the ‘experienced practitioner’ pathway.

I know a few people who have completed the CSPA through the exams, and a few more people in the middle of taking them. I would agree that most CSPAs I encounter are people who place out of the requirements.

Any idea of a start-to-finish timeline on the exam/project process? I’m debating whether to recommend it to some other people.

It depends on your starting point because there are waivers for the majority of the requirements, especially if you are an ACAS/FCAS. The shortest timeline would be about a year, taking Exam 2 and then the case study. Otherwise, it would take about two years non-stop, not counting the ability to taking multiple exams at once. For example, I know a candidate who passed one of the CSPA exams and one of the upper level CAS exams in the same sitting.

Got it. Helpful, thank you.