Crazy weather thread

We went off on some tangents in the Eating Outside thread about the unusual heat wave hitting many in the US. I thought a thread about crazy weather might be interesting.

First entry: the road into Yellowstone from the north via Gardiner has been heavily damaged due to extreme flooding. Looks like it will be a long time before that entrance will be open. Video link:

Video of aftermath of extreme hail event in Mexico city this week:

We went from high 90’s last Friday to mid 60’s Monday this week and will again be at high 90’s Friday, then back to 70’s Monday. Quite the roller coaster.

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Atlanta had 5 days in a row last week of temps of 95 degrees or higher. We got a brief respite over the weekend, but will be back to cooking this week. Forecast for Tues-Fri: 97, 100, 100, 96, 95. That’s exceptionally hot for ATL anytime, and particularly for June. Last summer was also blistering.

Louisville was 110 heat index last week. High 70’s and no humidity over the weekend (basically perfect weather) and back to 110 heat index this week. They call this a heat dome.

Might get snow at my house tonight.

Meanwhile, it’s 70 degrees in Ohio.


Californians can’t drive in the rain. Can’t imagine what kind of unmitigated shit show it will be if snows…

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Forecast is for snow at 1500-feet elevation. Most of SoCal is below that, but I’m guessing that from Castaic Junction to Grapevine the 5 will be closed. I’m at around 1000 feet, according to old topo maps found on the internet.

we got 15 or so inches of snow the last 48 hrs. some overnight lows will get to 0 in the next few days

Yeah, but that’s expected twice or thrice a year. We don’t even name our winter storms (at least the local weather guys have not yet succumbed to that).

We had that, but a cold front came through and it’s 31° here now. But back into the 50s this weekend. It’s been a really mild winter in Kansas this year. Just one cold snap at Christmas where it was below zero.

We also had a very mild winter, but had one extreme cold snap. It got down to 8 at the airport officially, and much of the city is generally a degree or 2 cooler than that. It was cold enough that some plants that have been established for a long time didn’t make it.

We got about a foot, but lows are only projected to drop to the low 20’s.

Probably one of the biggest storms we have had in quite a while, especially since we have been in such a drought. They had said that the snow pack if it didn’t increase prior to this storm was at the average for a year. Now this huge storm plus another couple months of more will help. Won’t get us out of the drought but it should help nearly fill the reservoirs.

We got snow in our coastal mountains last night. More expected tonight. We got hail today too!

Crazy how mild it’s been in the Ohio Valley this winter. They have mowed the greens 3 or 4 times at the golf course I live on because the grass keeps growing. I think my neighbor mowed their yard yesterday.

More from BBC News:

I remember there being snow in The Valley in 1989. My dad (I was living with my parents at the time) woke me up to see it.

We sometimes get snow on Mt Diablo, not every year but not uncommon. Today driving into work I saw snow in the foothills for the first time that I can remember.

I live maybe 10 miles from Mt. Diablo. Tempted to take an old pair of skis up there and a get a few turns in…

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“El Trafico”, that’s LAG vs LAFC in The MLS, scheduled at the Rose Bowl, postponed until July 4, due to weather. Yes, it’s that bad!

A couple of hours ago, I received a text warning not to drive anywhere. So, I’m not.