CPAC National Anthem

I thought of @twig93 and her dislike of an extra note in “banner”.

I’ll take that over an extra key. Or make that: an extra 16 keys - I lost count. :rofl:

wowza this is just awful.

Wow - that is truly, amazingly, bad. I think she got maybe a note or two right - even without the key changes. Did she not have a monitor or something?

Did they salute with one arm fully outstretched?

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why does the pianist look like he is dying?

I think the pianist add-on is satire.

But the performance is actual.

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ooooh, that makes more sense. that guy is funny.

Did they claim the stage is just satire, too?

That was terrible.

Her timing sucks, too.

I didn’t expect anyone singing in public to be a worse singer than i am, but she may have achieved that.


I wonder whose “niece” this is.

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I think it is very likely that she couldn’t hear the accompaniment very well. But even so…

Never thought I would here one worse than Rosanne’s.

Truly could have used autotune on that one.

Never mind - I saw a different video. The actual performance was a cappella.

Autotune can’t help everyone. This might be one of those cases.

Yeah, pretty obvious that the piano was added after the fact. No singer goes out of tune THAT badly with an accompaniment.

But that is case in point that a lot of people should not attempt a cappella singing. And a lot of choirs shouldn’t attempt it either. It requires orders of magnitude more skill than merely singing the tune.

At least she didn’t add the extra note to banner, but the rest of the performance was bad enough that “banner” couldn’t save it.

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You obviously never watched the auditions for American Idol… and must have been living under a rock when they aired it the first time. Because even I, who almost never watched the show, recall that one guy who was so terrible. Even worse that that gal and if I’m not mistaken, I think he had accompaniment.

I feel bad for her. Someone thought this was a good idea and sent her out there, I doubt it was her idea.

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No, why would I have watched that?

Do you mean William Hung? That was pretty bad, but watching it again - sure, his voice is terrible, but he mostly stayed on key (flat on several notes, but overall). He also had the accent which made it harder. Really, the worst part was the dancing…