COVID Two-timers Club

I hope so. I’d much rather a single infection waxing and waning than a version of the virus that can reinfect a vaccinated person weeks after prior infection. To be fair, neither scenario is that great.

This happens not infrequently with paxlovid. IIRC Fauci also had rebound but was symptomatic. Some people advocate a longer course.

Yeah this doesn’t count.

Seems the first infection wasnt entirely gone and made a rebound

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Canada doesn’t do free quarantine hotels anymore? Sad

Greenwoman and the kids flew out the Oregon for a few days to visit Greenwoman’s sister.

Greenwoman’s souvenir of the trip was Covid. Kids are symptom free so far. Greenwoman has been shunned to the basement.

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Kids stayed symptom free. I did not.

Got a scratchy throat last Thursday, tested negative (same day Greenwoman tested negative, so we switched places and I took over the basement). Scratchy throat and slight stuffy on Friday and tested positive.

I never got worse than a scratchy throat (never overly painful) and slight stuffy nose. Now have been symptom free since yesterday morning. Test yesterday showed up positive right away. Test this morning took a while, but a faint line showed up. Assuming tomorrow I will be negative and get out of the basement.

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Glad it was a mild case.

All clear today. Glad to be back to being a member of soceity.


Should we start taking bets on who among us will be the first into the three-timers club?

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I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.

I just talked to someone the other day who is a 3 timer (all confirmed via test).

OG Covid in Fall 2020
Delta Fall 2021
Omicron Summer 2022

Cool. Someone with worse luck than me.

Vaccine or no vaccine?

Original series + boosted

We actually chatted about getting the Omi booster as he was debating if he gets it or not since his most recent infection was very mild (sore throat/stuffy nose for 3-4 days, basically just a “cold”).

I woke up this morning with dry heaves, congestion and a sore throat. I slept for another 4 hours then spent the rest of the day in bed. I still have a bad sore throat but the other stuff subsided. I don’t even know if they’re COVID symptoms but my first at-home test was negative. Also, I’m really only taking the tests so I can use my works COVID sick time.


Well whatever it is I hope you feel better soon. Dry heaves are the worst.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Wife has a scratchy throat, so probably not long before it ends up being COVID and I get it again too.

There are other viruses going around, you know.

Yep. My wife and I are currently thinking that the really bad colds we picked up when visiting her folks for the holidays were probably RSV. We’re still not back to pre-holiday condition.

When my in-laws were at the ER, after my father-in-law hit my mother-in-law with his car, he apparently responded to the hospital’s mask requirement by wearing one around his chin. A few days later, he had the bug…