COVID Two-timers Club

For M’sS and any others.

I have been exposed over 4-July and during this trip. Coming up negative, though, so not yet in this club.

Maybe “covid sluts” is more appropriate


I resemble that remark…?

Thankful to not (yet :grimacing:) be a member of this club. BUT… I’d gladly trade for two short bouts of Covid rather than one bout of long Covid if given the chance.

My second (and possible third) cases were mostly non-events.

The first time around, pre-vaccine, was a miserable 3 weeks for me.

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Idk but I’m super tired and feel a cold coming on. No cough just sinus pressure. My sinuses are dry tho so idk if a covid test would work.

Sitting in an airport lounge, listening to unmasked people cough, and considering that I’ll be spending 32 hours on planes this week…if I didn’t get my third case of COVID (albeit too mild to be detected) a couple of weeks ago, I’ll probably get it this week.

So many passengers walk inside the airport daily. It is not hard to hit one.

I’m in. After going to church camp last week I have tested positive for Covid the 2nd time. January and now. Immunity ain’t worth much with Omi ron, but at least the infection is mild. Basically a cold. Runny nose congestion, coughing up gunk, yuck. Anyway Covid sucks.

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Second bout vs the COVID was much easier than the first round. Felt mildly ill for a day or two then a lingering cough for two weeks. Besides length, no different than the average common cold this time. Omicron first time around, I’m assuming the new subvariant thing this time around.


A coworker of mine just caught COVID for a 3rd time. And her 2nd infection was only about a month ago.

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what a covid slut.

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I had some symptoms and took a BinaxNOW test earlier today just to rule out Covid, but it was negative. Glad to not (yet) be in the two-timers club. I don’t even want to think about three.


She’s unvaccinated

I found out because I called her up and invited her to a in-person happy hour I’m planning for a few former and current coworkers next Thursday. She told me about being in the 3 timers club. I was like “Well, if you can have 2 negative COVID tests next week, the invite stands.”

Biden joins the club.

link to text

Not sure if this counts as a 2-timer. Apparently these rebound cases have been happening after the paxlovid treatment. Maybe they should be giving a longer course of those pills?


I assume this is the case.