Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects Thread

ah, I thought it was similar to the flu shot. So it isn’t?

were they multiplyin’?

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No, the flu shot is made by growing flu in chicken embryos and then purifying and killing the virus. This is new tech. I assume it’s made possible by CRISPR technology, which was only published about 10 years ago.

My wife, my son and I all had Moderna. None of us had any serious side effects with 1st or 2nd shot (though son has only had first). All of us had injections site soreness that lasted 1 to 3 days. Wife had a slightly worse reaction to 2nd shot where she had a headache the following day and was mostly lethargic and sat on couch watching TV.

ah, might explain why I always have a bad reaction to the flu shot, but J&J was no big deal

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was one of the asymptomatic covid cases and also am generally low risk for covid effects. I’d rather be one and done and leave the higher effectiveness shots for people like my dad (who is virtually in the same phase as me somehow). I’ve heard J&J is still plenty effective anyways. I get mine on Tuesday…

yeah, that’s part of my thinking too with J&J. I think I’m relatively low risk, but you still hear horror stories about people who are low risk.

I doubt I had an asymptomatic covid case though. I didn’t leave my apartment enough to have gotten covid.

I got the Pfizer. No side effects day 1. Day 2 was sore arm, which disappeared by day 3. Now having some GI issues, which I imagine is likely a side effect.

Same arm soreness with pfizer dose 1 for me. Nothing right away then a day or so of a sore arm.
No GI issues but was pretty tired on day 3, which might just have been from a bad night of sleep.

I had a sore arm with my first dose of Pfizer and no other noticeable side effects. My dad had a sore arm with both doses (he said it was worse the 2nd time) and nothing else.

I got Moderna round 1 three weeks ago, other than very minor pain at the injection site, nothing. Looks like I’m more likely to have side effects after the second dose, which is Apr 10, we’ll see.

ppl I know just took a day off if they had bad side effects

Planning to take the day off after dose #2

You’re 100% protected against hospitalization and death. Will you need a booster some time down the line? Probably. But, you should think about making some plans in 2 weeks when you’re fully protected. You’re good .

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Actually, my concern with the J&J shot is that it doesn’t offer complete protection against infection. Yes, it’ll be a mild case. But, in this period where not everyone is vaccinated, can a mild J&J infection be spread to the non-vaccinated?

my guess is yes, it would be more likely to spread it to others than the other two vaccines, thus have to vaccinate more people. i’m not sure if there was enough moderna and pfiezer to get this done as fast as possible otherwise.

i might be selfish, but i’m way more concerned that i don’t get sick beyond a mild case. i figure most others should also just get vaccinated and they can avoid getting sick too.

You’re not selfish, though. When you became eligible, you made an appt right away and got jabbed. There’s very few times being “selfish” benefits the public as a whole. You did the right thing and you deserve to celebrate with your friends and family. After 2 weeks, of course.

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I thought Johnson & Johnson was 4 weeks, not 2.

My understanding:
J&J: 1st dose, 4 week wait, fully protected.
Total time 4 weeks.

Pfizer: 1st dose, 3 week wait, 2nd dose, 2 week wait, fully protected.
Total time 5 weeks.

Moderna: 1st dose, 4 week wait, 2nd dose, 2 week wait, fully protected.
Total time 6 weeks.

Regardless, glad you got jabbed @ao_fan !

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Hubby & I both had Pfizer, a couple days apart. Only first dose so far.

Me: mild injection site soreness.

Hubby: body aches and fatigue and chills in addition to significant injection site soreness.

He thought he might’ve had a mild case of Covid in the winter when he was on a trip. His reaction to the first vaccine is consistent with that. If he has no reaction to the second vaccine then that will probably solidify that’s what happened.