Copa America 2024

Might be cheaper, for example, than trying to see a great player like Messi in an MLS game. The Canada-Argentina tickets were pretty cheap the last time I looked. Of course, any game involving the USA will be more expensive.

True, but they are not yet scheduled to play in AZ on 7/6. It is somewhat expected, though they might won their group over USU, which would be less expected (but hoped for).

But you could be ahead of the rush for tickets by buying early rather than waiting until after the US qualifies. Could always sell them to a Brazilian fan if they don’t play.

Hmm, I’ll have to drive there, and I might need a new car to do so. There are poker rooms nearby, so I can attempt to pay for the trip with winnings.
According to Vivid, lowest prices now are around $100 for the top level, corner.
Alternative: it will be on TV, 0 miles from my home. Not have to face +30 degrees of temperature from my home to there.
It’s nice if I were already going to be there. But this is different. And if I were already going to be there, I’d probably try to buy last-minute and be OK with not going.

Include: if I had someone in the area to stay for free. Shitty hotels are $150 for two nights. (It is not high season.)

The Copa America competition could be a pretty sobering experience for the CONCACAF teams.

Canada played a friendly against The Netherlands last week and lost 4-0. However they held France to a scoreless tie today. Keeping Mbappe from scoring is a victory of sorts. Maybe the French were just being gracious given Canada’s D-Day sacrifices.

Good to play against top teams like the Dutch and French before meeting Argentina to kick off the Copa America competition. However that will not be a friendly.

I have good tix for the July 6 game in LV. Hoping for USA-Brazil. More likely, Uruguay-Colombia. Good with any combination of these teams given Diaz, Nunez, Allison and at least one likely new Reds player (Edersen, Bruno or Luiz).