Companies to try to avoid

For all those new to the industry out there - AIG is pretty well known to be a pretty bad place to have a long term career. Lots of apathy, lots of disorganization (discarding high priorities constantly), some nasty bosses and coworkers. They astroturf their Glassdoor page. If you want to research them, don’t talk to people who are there (who are desperate for people, at least until one of the periodic layoffs) talk to people who left.

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GEICO - low salary, shit infrastructure, recent layoffs

How has life been under Dupy?

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I had a claim and my adjuster was mean to me.

Well, remember when they say they have 97% customer satisfaction, they’re generally talking about lines with a frequency of 5% or less…


Way back when I was an aspiring actuary I worked at SunAmerica. I hightailed it out of there when AIG took over.

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I was at AIG many years ago. I agree with you about the disorganization, but that really set in post 2008 when entire new armies of senior management were brought in every few years to “finally restore the company to its glory years” . Overall, it wasn’t so bad, although maybe it’s gone even further downhill over the last decade.


Willis towers watson sucks on the casualty consulting side if you are an experienced credentialed actuary.

Probably ok if you are entry level looking to work in a fast pace environment with exposure to a variety of projects. Get your credentials and move on.


More generic advice about companies: if you can, it’s better to speak with both someone currently with the company and someone that left. Sometimes those no longer with the company may have an axe to grind. Maybe they were a low performer. Maybe they just had a crappy boss and others in the company may have a different experience.

Agree that those in the department you are interviewing with may sometimes have an incentive to paint a rosy picture if they really need help. If you have a connection in the company outside the department, give them a call.

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WTW is an absolute s***hole of a company run by the worst people imaginable.

I think we all know that most companies suck.

I haven’t heard anyone praise an actual company

All jobs suck. People pay other people to do things because they don’t want to do them otherwise.

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Maybe we need a thread that is what makes a company good or better than average


lol, now say it with your main id!

i don’t have an alt. this is probably a thread where an alt would be useful.

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Oh ao fan you

I’m currently at one that doesn’t suck and they seem to think my work’s good, which probably helps with the not-sucking part.

this is not enough. they also need to reward you for it. otherwise it’s all just empty talk

They are

Would you still be doing it if they didn’t pay you?

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