Commercials that annoy me

The Verizon Kate McKinnon commercials really annoy me…especially her body language…it’s just annoying.


Geico with the baby carriage on the field


It’s Verizon? I never get through them.
Cuz TiVo.

The GMC commercial where he gives her the dog and she gives him the truck. Pisses me off every time I see it, to the point I think I would never buy a GMC product because it’s so stupid.

Also in that vein: practically all the personal insurance commercials being run, especially those from State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Geico and Progressive.

What really pisses me off about that commercial is when she “whistles”. No bleeping way she is physically capable of doing that. Some director just said to her, put your fingers in your mouth and blow. We’ll fix it in post production.

The GMC commercials in general are annoying. It’s been the same damn commercial for four or five years. All they do is swap out the stupid truck they’re trying to sell. For crying out loud, shoot some new stupid commercials!

Is that the blonde that is trying way too hard to be some sort of an interesting character?

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We’re getting more law firm commercials :canada: where the big, bad, evil, heartless insurance companies are denying long-term disability claims. :roll_eyes:


There’s a Comcast radio commercial where the premise seems to be that AT&T is a boarder with a rock band. That’s annoying enough, but the real annoyance is that they go on about how they were promised fast internet speeds by AT&T and they’re not available to them and how they switched to Comcast where it is available. Then the fine-print voice man follows by saying, first thing, “Comcast high-speed may not be available everywhere”.

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From what I’ve seen, they’re not wrong. Life companies in Canada are not on their best behaviour when it comes to ltd claims.

Yeah, I know they’ve been hit with a lot of mental and nervous disorder claims. :man_shrugging:

Yeah what is up with her weird posture?? Every time I see that commercial I think “stand up straight!” :joy:


The worst is when she is walking. I can’t even come up with words to describe it, but it looks really weird.

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She is walking on ice in street shoes

She looks like it’s the first time she’s ever walked in heels.

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I just watched the commercial. Doesn’t strike me as out of place. But I walk like the undead when I wear heels, so maybe it’s all a matter of perception.

OK, but does it convince you to buy anything she’s hawking with that approach?

I mean I’m not going to leave Verizon over it. I also don’t buy new phones just because good deals exist. I’m not their target audience.

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But it also kinda looks like she’s doing it on purpose for some reason.