Coffee Shop Tipping

How much do you tip at coffee shops? I’m starting to 2nd guess what % I should tip with the increase costs.

Just a drink – a buck or two. If I’m getting breakfast to go, 15-20%.

The same amount I tip the folks at Burger King for preparing my food.


If they give me that automatic tipping thing with the ipad thingy, I press custom and ask them where the negative sign is.

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I only tip for coffee at coffee stands, not at big chains. Starbucks is the McDonald’s of coffee, and I’m not tipping at McDonald’s.

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McDonalds has better coffee than Starbucks.

Agree with $1/drink (not extra for refill I fill up myself)

At Panera if I’m camping out on the Sip Club free refills, $1 per hour that I’m there, maybe extra $2 per item if I get any food. Sometimes round up to a $5 so I can tip cash. But sip club has some weird rules inconsistently enforced, so I’d rather tip a little more hoping employees are more lax with those rules

The same as downtown