Codenames! Round 2a, the rematch

We are into round 2a. Here are the words:

The grid

. . . . .
Snowman Forest Capital Vet Table
Whale Lion London Fall Boot
Agent Stock Dress Tube Dice
Tap Jet Concert Grass Drill
Spring Ring Block Bridge Fish

Bold is unguessed
Blue is italic
Red is whatever this font is
BYSTANDER is unformatted, and all caps, so it doesn’t look like Red
The ASSASSIN word ends the game, but if I format it, it will be bold all caps

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Blue Clue:
Investment, 2
Stock is a blue word
Capital is a blue word

Red Clue:
Sherwood, 2
Forest is a red word
Red Passes

Blue Clue:
Brick, 3
Block is a blue word
Bridge is a blue word
Drill is a blue word
blue Passes

Red Clue
Wrestling, 3
Ring is a red word
Tap is a red word
Fall is a red word
red passes

Blue Clue
Floral, 2
Spring is a blue word
Dress is a blue word
Blue passes

Red Clue
Philharmonic, 2
Concert is a red word
London is a red word

Blue clue
Frosting, 2
Tube is a blue word
Snowman is a blue word

Players are
Team Red
@soyleche – Spymaster
@BruteForce – operative
@snoo – operative
@Snake – operative

Team Blue
@John.S.Mill – Spymaster
@IPD – operative
@Tiffany – operative
@Rastiln – operative

Team Blue will go first

Please put your official guess in BOLD CAPS

In this game, Blue will guess first, and has 9 words
Red has 8 words
There is one assassin

The rules are here

I’d like to call out these rules for valid clues:

Your clue must be about the “meaning” of the word. You can’t give a clue towards its spelling or letter arrangements.

You may not use the number as part of the clue.

You may not use a foreign language to identify the word unless its a commonly used/accepted word in the language being used for the game.

You may not use a word that is an active codename in any of your clues. You may regain the use of that word if the codename is revealed. You may spell out your clue if it will help avoid confusion between two words that sound the same or if you don’t want to commit to a specific pronunciation of a word that has more than one meaning. Another player may also request a clue spelled out.

And I’m going to arbitrarily rule that proper names and common compound words are okay as clues, but homonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and rhymes are not allowed.

ALSO, arbitrarily ruling that google isn’t allowed, either for cluing or for guessing.

All team chatter should be in this thread.
Teams should discuss their choice before making it, but anyone can make a choice. Please try to include all your teammates in the discussion, at least if they are around.

reserved in case I need another post up high

Unofficial: Table seems obvious. Concert, jet as maybe other guesses? Like you need tickets, but you don’t get a ticket for a table, so it seems like the word could hit all 3.

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Jesus. I flipped back for 30 seconds and saw somebody saying Lucy should play and misread things.

lol, thought you were joking. It’s great that you were serious.

I will just go die forever now. :woman_facepalming:

I had NO IDEA you were serious. I have re-named the extra post so it’s more obviously part of the game, and not a clue.


Investment, 2

Gotta be Tap . . . as in “When you gonna let me tap dat?”

Cuz that’d be a huge (HUGE!) investment.

I’m just hitting this one, seems obvious.

stock then capital

All good with those two.

I thought of 3 others that relate but are nowhere close to as good guesses. had it been 5, these would be decent picks:
London (like the stock exchange)
Dice (risk)
Agent (someone helping you buy investments)

Stock is a blue word

Dum da DUM

Capital is also a blue word.

I assume you don’t want to take a third guess, so on to Red

yep we pass

I think they should totally guess another word.

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So @soyleche is up now?