Codenames! Round 2

We are into round 2. Here are the words:

The grid

. . . . .
Rabbit Chocolate Iron Whip Comic
Cricket Revolution Fair Shakespeare Sound
Slug Light Maple Scorpion Parachute
Millionaire Antarctica Pumpkin Moscow Trip
Web Card Band Bow Key

Bold is unguessed
Blue is italic
Red is whatever this font is
BYSTANDER is unformatted, and all caps, so it doesn’t look like Red
The ASSASSIN word ends the game, but if I format it, it will be bold all caps

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Blue, clue 1
Exoskeleton, 2
Cricket correct for blue
Scorpion correct for blue

Red, clue 1
curtain, 2
iron correct for red
LIGHT assassin word, Blue wins

Players are
Team Red
@soyleche – Spymaster
@BruteForce – operative
@snoo – operative
@Snake – operative

Team Blue
@John.S.Mill – Spymaster
@IPD – operative
@Tiffany – operative
@Rastiln – operative

Team Blue will go first

Please put your official guess in BOLD CAPS

In this game, Blue will guess first, and has 9 words
Red has 8 words
There is one assassin

The rules are here

I’d like to call out these rules for valid clues:

Your clue must be about the “meaning” of the word. You can’t give a clue towards its spelling or letter arrangements.

You may not use the number as part of the clue.

You may not use a foreign language to identify the word unless its a commonly used/accepted word in the language being used for the game.

You may not use a word that is an active codename in any of your clues. You may regain the use of that word if the codename is revealed. You may spell out your clue if it will help avoid confusion between two words that sound the same or if you don’t want to commit to a specific pronunciation of a word that has more than one meaning. Another player may also request a clue spelled out.

And I’m going to arbitrarily rule that proper names and common compound words are okay as clues, but homonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and rhymes are not allowed.

ALSO, arbitrarily ruling that google isn’t allowed, either for cluing or for guessing.

All team chatter should be in this thread.
Teams should discuss their choice before making it, but anyone can make a choice. Please try to include all your teammates in the discussion, at least if they are around.


you can do it @John.S.Mill we’re all counting on you


Exoskeleton, 2

Cricket, scorpion, book it

-Me in the chat.

I like those two as well. Slug distinctly lacks one, and sometimes opposite clues work well, but not when there are two that fit very nicely.

a pumpkin has a think skin and chocolate comes wrapped, but those are nowhere near as good as scorpion/cricket.

Exoskeleton meant to specifically draw you away from slug imo.

hey other team, i created a DM thread for us to brainstorm and post a bunch without messing up this thread too much. our main ideas and discussion will still be here though. we may not even use it, but in fairness want to let you know. JSM don’t worry about what i just said pretend you didn’t see it.

yes when there is at least one that fits very literally, opposite clues don’t work as well. I’d pick chocolate and pumpkin before I’d pick slug in this case. But scorpion and cricket should win. @Rastiln I think we are comfortable enough picking them without you, but soy said he might not be back in the thread for a while so I don’t think there is a rush right now.

@IPD Oh man, I tried to actually get some work done today and forgot to keep this open :grimacing:

23 minutes passed without you opening a new browser to check in on us!?!

@IPD @Tiffany since you agree I’m going to go for it.

If correct, then scorpion

No need to ask if we’re attempting +1 on the first turn.

If I’m railroading too hard please let me know.


Both correct. And Red is at bat.

Kan Haz aCCess to $pyM@sters DM?

I do believe that Red is in "monospace font"

I don’t think that works within the grid. Or anyway, the fonts don’t look very different to me. :cry:

There’s nothing there except which words being to whom. So… Not super interesting if you didn’t want to see that.

(I didn’t spoiler anything)

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Curtain, 2