CL, EL, Cups and non-EPL League discussion

Here is a shameless promo piece (not noted as such) for ESPN+:

OK, once in a … blue moon… Bunde has a title race go to the last matchday. Still not signing up for “The Plus.”

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Damn, Dortmund. You had the golden opportunity to win the league and shit the bed.

Thats a shame.

Ronaldo’s SA team were atop the SA League by 8 points when he joined. They came in second.
Ah, blood money. Still accepted in shops.

Sheffield Wednesday up to the EFL Championship.
But Sheffield United move up to EPL, so no Derby.

La Liga is having a brawl at the bottom this weekend, with six teams trying not to get relegated.
La Liga stupidly has “head-to-head points” as the first tie-breaker, so the table is confusing. Cadiz in 13th, their GD is way worse than 14th place Getafe, but they are ahead in the head-to-head points among the three teams with 41 points.
Let’s see who play whom…
The biggest match is VLL v GET.
Valladolid need to win v Getafe. Then, they’ll be ahead of Getafe, and thus safe for another year. Getafe, then, would need a loss by Valencia, Almeria, or Celta Vigo.

If Valladolid tie, then they will need a loss by Almeria to pass them on head-to-head (win and a draw). Their matches v Celta Vigo ended with a win for both teams and 0 Goal difference, but Celta Vigo have a huge overall goal difference lead. They would have to lose by 20 for Valladolid to get by.

If Valladolid lose, they’re out.

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I hate the way most teams play extra time, and today was just horrible to watch. Why all the time wasting just to be awful from the spot?

Such an ugly game from Roma.

Stay classy, Roma manager, GM, and fans:

FA Cup tomorrow. So important that it’s on … ESPN+.
Come on FA, negotiate a better contract for the people next time, not just for your wallet and ESPN’s need to legitimize its stream (of piss).

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Along with a national rail strike.

In fairness, given how the model of broadcast TV has been evolving, and how the regional sports network model seems to have failed, a strong argument can be made that sports broadcasting should be primarily streaming-based.

Unfortunately, the big pile of suck known as ESPN+ seems to be the leading contender for being such a platform in the US.

Ho hum another trophy.
Fastest ever FA cup final goal.

The Benzema era at Real is over. He’s reportedly going to the Saudi league. Maybe that’s now the retirement league where aging stars go instead of MLS.

More money and way less tax.

Thats why they don’t go to the US.

I know a few actudonks that went to UAE for the same reasons (exorbitant pay and little tax).

3 years, $643 million.

A great way to distribute blood money.

This is insane.

Saudi league really following the MLS path:

One owner for four teams? What could possib-lie go wrong?

Fiorentina v WHU for a spot in the Europa League next year and an eighth spot for one of the leagues. I don’t think anyone gets bumped for this.
Let’s see if this is on the TV…nope. Paramount+ CBS Sports Network is showing some shit at the same time.

No Canadian tv coverage I can get of the Champions League Final today but can watch it on good old CBS. Have to think Man City will complete the treble today.