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Liverpool finally got their groove back. Barca takes a big tumble at home to PSG to likely go out very early. Juve loses but has chance to come back. I would really hope PSG gets Man City in next round. For Liverpool, anybody but Atletico.

I don’t think anyone wants to see Atletico.
Or Bayern.
Barca looked like crap, but Mbappe looked pretty damn good. He might make something of himself.

CBS Sports Network is showing the UEL matches today, same format as the group stage of the UCL, cutting to goals or close goals as they occur.

Wow, CHE with the win over ATM Giroud with the offside-overturned bicycle-kick.

Not sure where they get their play-by-play guy, but it is NOT a technicality. There are three components of Offside. If you don’t know them and call them a “technicality,” then you shouldn’t be playing-by-play. You are also implying that the law should be changed do that this technicality is resolved.
Offside’s three components:

  1. Player is in an offside position (wrong place);
  2. At the moment when the ball is last touched by a teammate (wrong time);
  3. And, subsequently get involved in play (doing the wrong thing).
    Ball was not last touched by a teammate. Not sure how much clearer the law has to be.

So, I see this on headlines:

Messi brace helps Barca jump to third in La Liga
Score in the link is 0-2, deJong and Puig scoring for Barca.
So, what “brace” are they talking about?

Ah: the link to the story is for the January 24 match, not today’s.

More ESPN lack of proofreaders fun:

Thomas Tuchel has admitted that losing to Manchester United with Paris Saint-Germain in October 2019 sent him to a “very dark place” for two days but added that his previous encounters can help Chelsea beat United in Sunday’s crucial Premier League clash.

Um, “October”?? It was in March 2019. They don’t play knockout rounds in October (well, didn’t that year).