CL, EL, Cups and non-EPL League discussion

Sorry, I know of Samuel Johnson as much as you’ve posted of him. Time for some light reading, I guess.

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Surprised that CBS, the over-the-air network, was showing the Champions League yesterday and today, and not TBS or TNT.
Hoping for a Golazo show tomorrow for Europa and E-Conference matches.

Thanks. I haven’t been able to catch Champions League matches on any of my many cable sports stations. Never thought of checking on CBS.

BVB playing RB Leipzig today, to determine top challenger for Bayern. Bundesliga has turned into an actual race this season. See it all on… ESPN+. Bummer.

Hopefully Spurs will have more energy for future EPL matches after that dismal performance again Milan today. Disappointingly early exit from Champions League.

PSG goes by the wayside. At what point does Mbappe actually decide to compete at an appropriate level? He has already wasted a fair amount of time and continues to be non-relevant except for one month every 4 years. Winning titles in the 5th best league in Europe is not impressive.

Was hoping for one more round for Spurs but Spurs gotta Spur.

To be fair, PSG was going up against the top team in the 2nd best league in the world, so…

(according to

Win your UCL Group, PSG!

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What was unfair about comment. PSG lost. Mbappe is not competing regularly at the level of his skill. They have 3 exits in round of 16. As you note, they did not outpoint powerhouse Benfica in the group stage. Benfica got Brugge and took care of business. PSG should not be a career choice for a talent like Mbappe. He gave them enough.

Interesting article on the resurgence of Napoli through its money-ball strategy. Hope this link gets you around the paywall.

Canada’s Jonathan David now leads the French league in scoring, one goal more than Mbappe. Only 23 years old so will be interesting to see if he gets picked up by an EPL club this year.

His other option is to just hang around in French league and focus on WC….like Mbappe

Guessing enough whiny housewives (“I might not be young, but I sure am restless!” starts a strongly-worded, handwritten letter) complained about UCL on CBS that it got shuffled off to the Spanish-only stations this week. Hoping the alternative language is English, and that Hudson is commentarying.

MCI delivering an epic beat down!

Haaland with 5G so far!

MCI vs Bayern should be fun to watch.

As a referee, TIL: no pissing on the field!

So, “offensive action”? (Page 105, for those who have a copy lying around.)
Hey, stadiums: have a restroom near the benches!

Now we need a season 4 of Ted Lasso for just this issue.

Ozil retiring.

But, hey, there is still a rec league that will pay you millions.

Isn’t he a bit young to be an former star playing in the MLS?