Christmas Movies

Where do you land on the Christmas Movie alignment chart?

Top left bleeding into the middle. I won’t be sad if I never watch Die Hard again & The Boy Wizard is not a Christmas movie. But White Christmas is. How is White Christmas at the bottom?

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I was wondering about that too, but:

It doesn’t take place “on” Christmas, just around the same time. Christmas itself has little if anything to do with it (the song notwithstanding).

And there really isn’t much of a message to the movie at all.

It’s a fun showcase of some wonderful talent, and we watch it every year. I can see why it was categorized that way though.

White Christmas seems like it belongs in the middle. Generosity, kindness, forgiveness togetherness could all be considered “Christmas themes” IMO.

I think I’m primarily upper and center left, with some carryover into upper center & center center in terms of what I consider a Christmas movie.

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I can’t remember if the opening scene is on Christmas. It might fit in the lower left, but I think they wants die hard to be alone there.

They are also the themes of every other movie musical made in the ‘50s.

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Nightmare Before Christmas could go in the center/center.

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I’m not sure if I’d place it center-center or left-center.


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why is LOTR a xmas movie

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Left is more important to me than message, but I’ll allow the center column if other’s want to watch. The image is also lacking in Hallmark/Netflix Christmas Movies.

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How is “A Quiet Place” about the true meaning of Christmas?

I’m total left (Setting Purist) column. My 3-movie Christmas Eve binge is:

Die Hard

I’ll probably watch Christmas Vacation about 6 times leading up to it, so I got that going for me.


My idea of good, clean Christmas fare:

Don’t forget the guy is a widowed dad with an 8 year old daughter


elf is cute

It’s A Wonderful Life: Christmas and cash value life insurance!

I always wondered if the insurance policy was over 2 years old, so the suicide clause was expired. I assume it was, as the cash value had accumulated a little. I wonder if it was on 41CSO.:slight_smile:


I do believe that all Hallmark Christmas movies would in the “left, center” cell.

I think every other Hallmark movie would be in the “top, center” cell.