Cheese Thread

This thread is to document the cheeses I eat.

I haven’t had cheese, other than a nice piece of fresh mozzarella, in a while. The rest of my household doesn’t eat it. I used to buy interesting cheese when we had company over.

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Smoked gouda please

cheese is gross.

that is all

Breast milk from another mammal, combined with rennet. What’s not to like?

Had half a pound of manchego, a Spanish sheep cheese

Most commercial cheeses in the US are made with vegetable rennet. Back when we could invite people into our homes, I used to throw a big New Year’s Eve party, and I always checked the cheeses to tell the vegetarians which ones they could eat.

I bought some Manchego over Thanksgiving, to go with the serrano ham we bought. It might not be in my top ten list but it’s quite good.

I’ve missed good cheese more than is healthy.

The place we usually buy it is, for some mad reason, not classed as an essential shop so has been closed for the last month. If you hear of someone dying from a cheese overdose on Saturday, that’ll be me. And I’ll have no regrets.

Controversial topic: provel cheese.

I went to college in Missouri and had my fair share of Imo’s pizza in and around St Louis. There isn’t an Imo’s here but a local grocer sell’s Imo’s shredded cheese. I’ve bought it a few times and made pizza at home, and I love it.

Yes, it’s basically a processed, cheese-like substance, probably not much fancier than Velveeta. I stand by it, it’s delicious and probably the least healthy way to make a pizza, which is no mean feat.

Now that I have been vaccinated I can go grocery shopping. I bought some brie from Trader Joe’s feels good man

Subscribed. My most recent buy was a 10yo cheddar, pretty good! Almost like a gouda, a little nutty with some good salt crunch.

I’ve also been eating more salads, should see if I can get Roquefort locally. Love a good blue cheese salad.

Try Massachusetts Street.

The Pedestrian Cheese Shop is on Mass. They have some good plates. And a solid reuben, iirc.

But I think the best selection is at the Hy-Vee grocery store.

I had some p’tit basque yesterday

there was also mimolette at the store, I might get some tomorrow because I still have most of my wine left

I got some of that last week!

Great. I just went to the cheese store and picked up 4 kinds to celebrate the one bottle of wine I let myself have every 8 weeks or so:

  • Mimolette
  • Emmental
  • P’tit Basque
  • Someting I forget, it’s purple tho

My sister brought me a wedge of cheese from Italy last fall. I thought this whole time it was Parmigiano, but I just recently saw on the rind it’s Grana Padano. :man_shrugging:

Grana Padana is essentially the same cheese recipe as Parmigiano, but since it is not made around Parma is cannot be called Parmigiano. It’s a really nice gift to receive.

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