ChatGPT to actually get some work done



So, let us look at what he’s claiming.

ChatGPT saved me an hour of spreadsheet work today. It wrote a complex sorting script beyond my ability, explained how it works, and helped me deploy it.

The party tricks have been fun, but this was a whoa moment for me similar to the first time I used Google Search.
Some are asking if I could share the prompt that I used. But that’s just it—I’m not an expert in Excel and it wasn’t a single well-written prompt. It was more like a long chat with an Excel expert who was eager to help.
I think I started with something like “Help me write a script in Google Sheets.” Then just started describing the data and everything I wanted it to do. When something didn’t work, I’d feed the whole code back to it and ask what changes I need to make in order to do X.
I asked for rows within a range to be sorted based on values in several columns in order of priority. When certain conditions are met, values in a range are summed and added to another sheet. There’s a timestamp for new data. That sort of thing. It’s best to work in chunks.
Some issues came up, and I’d just post the error code or describe how it wasn’t doing what I expected and ask for some potential reasons why it wasn’t working. That was very effective—it would give me a clear list of possible problems, and often it was number 3 or 4.
Sorry I can’t be more specific—it’s trial and error. The key is ChatGPT’s natural language abilities. Just have a conversation like you would with a colleague on Slack—no need for a perfect prompt.

I’ve had some VBA macros stop working after recent Office updates.

Maybe I’ll see if ChatGPT can rewrite them for me. Or come up with a better solution.

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very smart!

A video from Matty McTech about using ChatGPT for Excel. With what Meep posted above with what he does, sounds like it might be worth trying.

@meep, do you have any updates on its use?

Okay, I actually did not use ChatCPT for anything myself


I really liked the discussion over ChatGPT in education:

One of the uses the guy in education talked about was using it to generate examples for use in lesson plans, which I really liked. Using it to generate text on the same topic but with different tones, as it were.

Also, I’ve used AI tools for a couple things lately - not ChatGPT, but something called Lex, and if you’re interested in it, I’ve got 11 invites currently.

I’ve used Lex to generate titles/subtitles for stuff I’m writing. It supposedly helps kick people out of writer’s block, but writer’s block is far from my problem.

Generating titles is a problem for me, so on a recent piece I was working on, I took the executive summary, fed it into Lex, and asked it to generate 10 titles for me, and then asked my colleagues to pick the best one.

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Something else: