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I asked for some help on an actuarial guideline. It sent me to the NAIC home page with instructions on what to click to find what I wanted. The page must have been redesigned since none of items I was supposed to click exist on that page.


Work just (Wednesday) banned us from using ChatGPT for work purposes. I haven’t asked to comtinue to use for SQL or other programming.

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Did they assume people were just playing around?

Seems like when places banned this place or the AO. I first got involved in Actuaries Online because I was in a one person shop and didn’t want to bug/get charged by our consultants all the time for little questions. And later, especially on the AO, there were tons of great learning threads. But it can be a great time waster as well.

They didn’t explain. One thing I would be worried about is that people will take the response as infallible and not look closely at what it is responding. I tried to ask a question about a specific regulation, and it said “not in my learning set”. I don’t know what would have happened if I copied the regs in, but I wouldn’t want someone sending proprietary data to get analysis.

that sucks.

I use it for coding and I must say it significantly increased my work efficiency, just because I’m not the most stellar programmer.

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This is really where the issue lies. There is a warning on the site not to upload confidential or proprietary data because everything is saved. We started discussing this last week and are in the process of trying to draft some guidelines. We elected not to place an outright ban on its usage during that process.

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I wonder if google saves everything. Would companies ban google?

Ditto^ :infinity:

we'll get there...eventually

me: what’s the name of the wash board player for tuba skinny?

ChatGPT: The washboard player for Tuba Skinny is named Shaye Cohn. She is also one of the band’s founders, and she plays several other instruments, including the cornet and piano.

me: No, she doesn’t play washboard.

ChatGPT: I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. The washboard player for Tuba Skinny is actually Barnabus Jones.

me: No, he’s the trombonist.

ChatGPT: I apologize for the confusion. The washboard player for Tuba Skinny is actually Max Bien-Kahn.

me: No, I think he plays guitar or banjo.

ChatGPT: I apologize for the mistake again. Tuba Skinny’s current washboard player is actually Todd Burdick. Thank you for your patience!

me: No, he’s the Tuba in Tuba Skinny.

ChatGPT: I apologize for the error in my previous response. Tuba Skinny’s washboard player is actually Robin Rapuzzi. Thank you for your patience and for correcting me.

me: Yes, Robin Rapuzzi is the washboard player. He’s a pleasure to watch & listen to.

ChatGPT: I’m glad we were finally able to identify the correct washboard player for Tuba Skinny! And I agree, Robin Rapuzzi is an amazing musician and performer. Tuba Skinny is lucky to have him in their band.

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The upgrade seems like it’s a lot better, which will make it worse for a lot of white collar workers, maybe truck driver was the better career path

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Wonder if they used it to fill out a bracket.


I have often wondered if we’ll just invent super-intelligent conscious machines to solve level 5 driving.

Now I’m wondering if we’ll invent them to solve level 3 driving.

Maybe they can just feed GPT-4 pictures of the road.

Isn’t truck driver one of the places that has been shown to be overtaken by AI already? I thought a number of companies are currently using “driverless” trucks in and/or through AZ.

“Driverless” because while the truck drives itself they currently continue to require having a person sitting in the drivers seat to take over just in case.

Only on the “open road” . . . like once you’re on an interstate.

However, I doubt that AI is navigating these trucks in more urban areas . . . or backing them up to the loading dock without some form of human oversight of the operation.

bots have plagued the gaming industry for years!

it’s just bots playing bots for some games