Car Buying During Pandemic Conditions

Turns out that I make car salespeople nervous. This isn’t hard people, actually answer questions I ask and don’t bullshit me.


Maybe this belongs in “Random Questions”, but has anyone bought a new car recently? Are you finding that dealers are unwilling to budge off MSRP?

I can’t even find a “Costco price” for a car we’re looking at for hubby. Just wondering if this experience is typical.

We’d be willing to travel to get a good price on the car and drive it home. We like road trips, and what’s more fun than a road trip in a brand new car?

Well this is Canada but my son in law is trying to buy a new work truck with an 8 foot bed.
Except theres nothing on the lots, so they have to order which gets you a truck in 3 4 months…maybe.
Except the dealers are limited in what they can order, and they can’t order a truck with an 8 foot bed right now, and no idea when they can place the order.
But they’ll take your deposit on that. And did take a deposit until they called me over to the dealership lol.

Yeah, we haven’t put a deposit down yet. At the moment there’s no vehicle that meets hubby’s requirements within 200 miles and the dealer won’t look further than that.

But again, we’re happy to go to a different dealer > 200 miles away. There’s 6 or 8 cities that hubby flies to regularly where he could arrange to fly one way and drive home.

This is just really super-duper the wrong time to be in the market for a car. I bought right before things got crazy. I’m so glad I did.

Had a ha! moment tonite. My son in law is scrambling for a specific truck. He sends me one that’s located 4-5 hours away. In the town I grew up near. The dealership is a stone’s throw from my sister’s house.
And I’m like, I think there’s only one dealership in that town, and I used to hang with a guy who’s father owned it. I wonder… Yep, my buddy from high school owns it. Guess I’m calling him on Monday, for the first time in many decades (He’ll know who I am, we were in the same crew in HS).


Rowing crew?

Can you translate this to American?

I read it as “group of friends” or “clique”.

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In many places cars are selling for more than MSRP. You are unlikley to find anything new for less than MSRP but it is possible you will find a Costco partner who will offer you $2-300 off MSRP as the “Costco discount.” I would suggest buying one at MSRP or wait for a couple of years for things to settle back down.

We tried the Costco approach, which referred us to a dealership that offered me $200 off a $2k “market adjusted” mark-up over MSRP. I told them to shove it because there are plenty of dealerships that are offering MSRP. So I called around, found a dealership that wasn’t jacking up prices like that, paid my $500 (refundable although they call it non-refundable) deposit and waited until something with my specs showed up.

According to this Toyota dealership they get notified what will be in the next delivery, at which point they compare that against the list of cars on the waitlist. To the extent they get cars that aren’t on the waitlist, they start calling around to other dealerships to trade for something that is on the waitlist.

We had some specifics that don’t seem all that common on the advertised cars of this model and I think we got lucky, but it took about 1-2 weeks for them to find the car and another 1-2 weeks before it was delivered.

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Jeez, wrong time to be in the market for a new car. Hubby’s needs enough repairs that it seems like the right time to cut & run, but that’s … difficult.

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Perhaps we could get mods to divert the car stuff to a dedicated thread such as "Car Buying in the Time of Covid-19"

Step 1 out of 124 Deep Purple rules for dealing with dealer sales people
Do your internet research ahead of time.

I need to buy a new (new new not used-but-new-to-me) car this year. I’m not settled yet, but I would handicap the probability by model likelihood as 50% Rav4, 40% CR-V, 10% something else.

I have looked at dozens of websites for info and data. As Kenny referenced above, some models are requiring thousands over sticker, up to 125% of sticker price. None of the models on Kenny’s list are on my wishlist, but some large SUVs on my wishlist seem to be commanding 110% of sticker (plus sales taxes).

According to the models I am most interested in seem to be commanding about 102% of full sticker (plus sales taxes). I have found the indication to be a little high over the previous decades of car buying, so maybe getting a high volume Rav4 or CRV can be found for 100%. I guess I will find out. Far cry from the last few I bought which were ~92% of sticker.

Ask, and it just might be granted.

But be careful of what you wish for.

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I’d be dying a little inside if those were my choices.

GR Corolla or Civic Si Type R or Integra Type S.
I’m not in the market today for a car. But, a new transmission will only cost a couple grand. And THAT was hard to find for a 20-year old car.

Both my car and wife’s came off lease recently. Kia Forte & Kia Sorrento - was considering Telluride for her

  1. Sedans are easier than large vehicle
  2. Little to no negotiation, sometimes above MSRP
  3. Her car for a similar model would be close to double. We did have good deals 3 years ago.
  4. My car was 50% more, but only from $200/month to $300
  5. For her we left a deposit, as cars became available we had right of first refusal if we wanted it
  6. For mine, agent told me cars were coming in, saw one in the lot I liked (and I mean one) and grabbed it
  7. Her car we will buy outright, if things improve may consider a new lease
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So is the problem still supply? Or is it demand? I thought I read that Toyota was going to be operating at full capacity this year, which I naively thought would include Lexus… what hubby wants. I’m bummed that there’s still issues this year.

I believe it is supply. As far as I am aware it still goes back to a computer chip shortage

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Pretty much anything that doesn’t involve being stuck in a car for hours.

Good luck.

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I realize some of you can’t postpone car buying, but I would wait a while if possible.

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forgot to mention, KIA allows a lease extension of up to six months at the rate you are already paying, I believe most other companies are doing so as well