Can't get to goactuary outside the app

The app works just fine, but in a regular browser on my laptop, can’t get to the site.

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I’m accessing it on my phone ok. :woman_shrugging:

Are you using the app?

As I said, the app works fine. A regular browser does not.

No, using my phone’s browser. I don’t have the app.

Ah I see. I can’t get to the site on any browser on my phone or laptop other than the app.


I wasn’t clear in my earlier post. It was obvious to me because clearly I don’t have the app installed on my phone. But I guess it stands to reason that not everyone would necessarily know that about me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::woman_facepalming:

There’s an app?


According to ao fan, apparently there is! ‘Twas news to me too.

I thought the app was basically just a wrapper for the website (when I think about it, that’s what most apps are, isn’t it?) Seems weird to me that the app would work but not the site in a browser.

But here we are with the app working for me, but no browsers.


Other people are having this issue, not just me, but they can’t get on here at all cause they don’t have the app.

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You download that app then connect it to GoA.

Is there any real benefit? The browser interface works very well for me.

Personally I like the look & feel of the app on my phone more than the site on my phone’s browser. Otherwise I don’t think there’s a lot of benefit, except when the site can be accessed only through the app & not the browser. :woman_shrugging:

Still? @ao_fan
Also, what happens in the browser? Spins? Error message?

Happening for me too.

At first I thought my local internet connection was bad. But I can access other websites just fine.

Can’t get there with safari on my phone either.

I’m currently using the discourse app.