Can we let ao fan back in or something

Well, this is the same thing, just for old people.

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I’m not old! I’m 37! (well, getting there)



I just realized that John S Mill is also suspended. Sometimes I feel like there is an underbelly of GOA drama that I am completely unaware of.


AO Fan = JSM?

I know, hfbb

Is that like Austin Powers = Dr Evil?

(I thought somebody might get offended if I mentioned Fat Bastard).

Well, it’s good for that, too. But i started using discord over the pandemic, and now i have 3 or 4 servers (two of which are active) and participate on several.

When a group of us had to recommend a new dance leader to a larger group, it was great. We set up channels for each topic we wanted to discuss (feedback from the dancers, or progress in contacting prospective leaders, etc.)

It’s not as flexible as a chat site like this, but it’s free and it’s good for real time discussions. It’s more like group texts than like a message board.

I remember cussing about poorly behaved bots when they first started appearing on IRC.

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And now, I will try out some jokes I’ve been working on

So this WOMAN walks into a bar amirriiittttttttteeee. Fellas??? Ammiirriittteeee???

And what’s the deal with straight white MEN??? Ammmmiiirriittteeeeeee

And scene

I’m on about 20 different discord servers, but I’d say I’m active on only 3 or so.

One is for sumo.

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I thought it was “end scene”?

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That’s what a bot would say.

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I can confirm that is indeed correct.

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From a Quora forum:

“End scene” would be used in writing a play or screenplay to indicate the end of a scene.

“And, scene” is a humorous idiom from improvisation to designate the end of a story or other discussion, somewhat analogous to a mike drop. Neither are correct formal English.


Looks like someone has been taking improv classes with me

Annnnnnnddd scene

Yes and you’re ugly.


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