Can we let ao fan back in or something

Like, I make half my threads hoping that she’d read them and stuff. This forum just isn’t the same without her, man.


Baby come back… you can blame it all. on. me


Just realized she’s banned. What’d she do? She was often a bit spicy and a few times I agreed with moderators stepping in to wave off conflict but I never saw her do anything particularly bad.

That said I haven’t found our mods to be ridiculous so I assume it was justified.

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My issue with banning ‘people we don’t like’ is it tends to lead to a sanitized (and imo boring) experience.

I know the mods don’t dislike me, and I’m not the type of person to rock the boat, in general, but I will always have a little voice in my head that if I cross a line, I might get banned (ohno! lol). And, meh, I’d rather hang out on discord.

I mean, by the end of the AO I wasn’t there very often anymore (from like 20k posts my first year to MAYBE 500 a year at the end), but :shrug: you need a reason to return and I just forget this place exists for months at a time.


She made a joke that was arguably in poor taste, but on brand for her sense of humor and she got permabanned for it.

I didn’t care for the joke, but I didn’t think it was permaban-worthy. Not that I have any input whatsoever so it really doesn’t matter what my opinion is.

I don’t know if the post was hidden (meaning that it’s un-searchable but if you do happen upon it you can unhide) or if it was hard deleted.

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She’s banned!? She’s ao_fan! She’s like part of the foundation of the AO…

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Next ur gonna tell me Marcie was banned…

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I’ve wondered aloud about Marcie but no mod has ever admitted to banning Marcie.

No question ao_fan was banned though.

Well, no one is banned from reading.

Her ban was either

  1. the best thing for her, so she could replace time spent here with a more productive life
  2. the worst thing for her, if she did not replace the time spent here with anything productive

Yes, I love reading forums I don’t participate in.

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Define “productive”. I assume that no one would post here if they weren’t getting something out of it.

We’ve all made the decision that we’d rather spend our time on here than doing something else with the specific hours we’re posting. You might think someone else is on here too much, but that’s you applying your values to someone else’s personal decision. And you do the same thing, but merely draw the line in a different place.

Oh wow, I didn’t know she was banned. I don’t recall any joke she made that might have resulted in said ban, I thought she left of her own accord… I seem to recall her getting into it with another poster maybe. Yeah, I think she deserves a second chance if she’d like one.

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I have done this many times. I also read plenty in Political during the Before Time without participating. You learn a lot about human behavior as well as detecting biases. And you might get educated on a subject at the same time.

If I were banned from a forum, maybe I wouldn’t continue reading.

This is not the stated reason for that user being banned.

If anyone wants to see whether a user is banned, they can lookup the userid and it will tell them, along with a stated reason if they are banned.

Nobody’s been banned for failing a popularity contest either.

All it says is “This user is suspended”. No reason given.

Ah, i wasnt aware that you couldn’t see that. I think it was meant to be public. Anyway, here it is.

This user is suspended.
Reason: Consumed disproportionate amounts of staff time.

That’s all I’m going to say about the reasons, the mods can comment but not sure if they will.

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I may logically know that, but it won’t change the nagging voice in my head, and will lead me to post in a more sanitized way than I otherwise might.

And I don’t enjoy that, so… :shrug:

That’s fair enough. My response was just pointing out that nobody was banned because mods or admins liked or disliked someone.