Bridge: Up for a challenge?

It is not too late to sign up, but you would have to play 32 boards before time expires (where my expiry time is 2AM eastern time Thursday Mar 9, which I believe does not depend on when I signed up but might depend on being in eastern time.

I’m about to play more boards.

Finished with a tentative score of 54.1%. Each boards I’ve played has been played at least 15 times and at most 45. I’m guessing they will be played over 100 times each, but my results for the February country vs country challenge no longer show anything about the individual boards. In that I finished 212 of who knows (now) how many with 58.1%. Not in the top 40 in the US. (The US team score is the total for the top 40).

Just did 32 boards, 55.9%

In August 2022 I finished 28th overall with a 62.32% and won $5. You had to score 61% to place 50th and win $1.

oirg wins the declare-only with 61.72%, by 9.38%. Reissued (Klaymen and AA out; scored by imps)

ETA: Lose to procrastinator by 7. Reissued.

I was sure I reissued that one. But it’s not there, so I just reissued it now.

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +8.98, by 2.67. I lose to AA by 17. Both reissued

Lose to NN by 27. Actually a good thing that the loss was more than 14, because I didn’t notice what cards declarer played. With AKJ109x in a side suit., he cashed the ace, pitching a heart, then cashed the king, pitching a second heart. Or so I thought. Actually on the second round he led the jack, pitching a heart, taking a ruffing finesse against partner’s hoped-for queen, thus going down. Except that I, thinking the king had been led, didn’t win my queen. He didn’t need to repeat the finesse. Slam making instead of down 1, 14 imps away.


AA wins the regular group challenge with +7.00, by 0.50. I beat procrastinator by 23. Both reissued.

ETA: win by 8 vs AA. Lose to NN by 3 (much more CHO’s fault than mine, IMO, but NN avoided provoking CHO worst instincts.) Both reissued.

I win the declare-only with 59.38%, by 9.38%. Reissued, with JEB_SW and oirg out.

:swear: I think I was doing very well in the Sunday daylong yesterday, in part because I avoided a slam that was cold unless the clubs broke 6-1. They did. Not everyone would bid it, but surely some people reached it and went down. So why :swear:? Because I couldn’t finish, though no fault of my own. The table kept closing due to some kind of robot errors. 4 times on board 8. Then 2 on board 9. Already after 11 PM, so I just gave up.

I win the regular challenge with +9.50, by 3.25. I beat NN by 4. Both reissued

The match against NN included us each beating 3D one trick when both declarer’s played this trump the same way:

KJ98 in dummy 7542 in declarer’s hand. First round of trumps: 2 from declarer to dummy’s 8. Fourth hand wins A. Second round of trumps: 4 from declarer to dummy’s K, just in case fourth hand won the first round with the A from AQ. :crazy:

The CHO found this bizarre defense
Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 10.06.54 PM

The penalty double of 3C seems bizarre to me, but it could have worked out very as the cards lie. CHO led the heart K (reasonable, probably the best lead). I played the 8, declarer the 7.
Almost certainly he should now cash the heart Q (I’m not going to have 5 hearts, nor will I have played my highest heart without the ace. Instead he shifted to a diamond, which should have worked out OK, except that he shifted to the small diamond from Qx instead of the Q

That was supposed to be the declare-only, only now it’s not there. Did I forget? Maybe. Anyway, it’s issued now.

Lose to procrastinator by 27. Win by 34 vs AA. Both reissued

NN wins the regular challenge with +24.25, by 18.50. Reissued

Klaymen wins the declare-only with 59.38%, by 0.79%. Reissued. I got busy and only played two boards against NN. Reissued

ETA: win by 5 vs procrastinator, by 33 vs AA. Both reissued

NN wins the regular challenge with +14.50, by 9.00. Reissued

I lose to NN by 5 featuring probably the worst defense ever by CHO at both tables for a push, Defending a vul game,we need 1 more trick to set it, trumps are out, he is on lead and has the diamond ace, instead leads a low diamond letting dummy’s stiff Q win. That might have been giving the contract away for sure. As it was, had we realized the diamond position, NN and I could still have set it, but for some reason we both placed declarer with the diamond ace.

I lose to procrastinator by 18, beat AA by 56 in a match with one of the worst bids ever by CHO (at both tables; I won 5 imps by going down only 2 on a hand our side should never have been playing).

Oirg wins the declare-only with 59.38%, by 3.13%. Reissued At IMPs with Oirg and AA out

This latest challenge is BRUTAL

Pretty sure I know exactly which hand you’re talking about. Sitting there thinking, why would he overbid 3D against 2D (transfer) there? Just stay silent, or if you want to show diamond strength (which he really didn’t have) just double it.

yes, this is the auction and the hand

And this is the “meaning” of 3D that displays, which is not very close to his hand.

I think you are only partly asking the right question with

Maybe even more fundamental, why would you bid 3D now if you did not bid 2D over 1NT?

Another question is what should we do over 3D with our hand:

you and I each passed. seeing both our side’s hands, we would rather play hearts than diamonds on this layout, but partner’s hand is one he shouldn’t have

Procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +12.25, by 2.50. Reissued