Bridge: 2023 MSC discussion

A) 5C. Where are the diamonds? Is someone laying in the weeds? I’ll compete to 6C if needed.
B) 1NT. Describes hand type perfectly.
C) 2D. Not sure if this is forcing, but looks about right.
D) 3D. Close decision between 3D and 2S (if that shows 3 hearts).
E) 4S. Toughest hand of the set. I see a case for 4D, 4H, & 4S.
F) Pass. Play in weakest hand’s long suit. We’re not missing a game, I think, given my crappy quacks. Picture partner with an absolute perfecto, e.g. AQxx, Kxx, AKxxx, x, and we’re missing a close game, but it still needs both majors 3-2, and perhaps some help.
G) 1NT. Sometimes you have a maximum. The only alternative I like is opening my doubleton AK suit! (at matchpoints, I want partner to get off to the right lead if we’re defending.)
H) S8. Partner’s double is not lead directing, just a good hand that expects to beat 5D. I’ll lead my stiff, which may get a ruff, and also may help partner count the hand.

From ST, by e-mail

                       A     B     C     D     E     F       G     H
procrastinator        3H    1N    2D     P    4S     P      1N    CJ
oirg                  3D    1S    2D    3D    4D    3S      1N    S8
SW                    5C    1N    2D    3H    4S    3S      1D    S8
Klaymen               5C    1N    2H    3D    4D     P      1D    HA
ST                    3H    2H    2D    3D    4D    4H      1N    HA
NN                    5C    1N    2D    3D    4S     P      1N    S8
veni vidi vici                                                      

Leading               5C    1N    2D    3D           P      1N    S8

With 2 fairly frequent voters to go, we have a leader on 7 of 8, but many are close enough that 1 additional vote could create a tie or 2 additional votes for the current leader would flip. My deadline to submit is Sunday midnight.

A) 5C
B) 1S
C) 2D
D) 3H
E) 4D
F) 3S
G) 1N

                       A     B     C     D     E         F       G         H
procrastinator        3H    1N    2D     P    4S         P      1N        CJ
oirg                  3D    1S    2D    3D    4D        3S      1N        S8
SW                    5C    1N    2D    3H    4S        3S      1D        S8
Klaymen               5C    1N    2H    3D    4D         P      1D        HA
ST                    3H    2H    2D    3D    4D        4H      1N        HA
BTDT                  5C    1S    2D    3H    4D        3S      1N        HA
NN                    5C    1N    2D    3D    4S         P      1N        S8
veni vidi vici                                                              

Leading               5C    1N    2D    3D    4D      P ??      1N    S8  ??

BTDT resolves one but creates 2 ties. I’ve indicated how I’ll break the ties, unless VVV votes or someone posts a comment that changes my mind.

Breaking the tie on F is a no-brainer. 4 people wanted to play hearts only 3 preferred spades. I also would have preferred hearts, but think the auction is forcing to 3 spades.

I would try to help break the tie on H, but I really have no idea what to lead, so afraid I am of no help :slight_smile:

On F, seems to me that 3H is NF (obviously given my pass). Don’t think pd can have a slam invite on this auction given the NF 1S, and if he had a choice of game hand, could have bid 4H. What hand type were you thinking might want to have a forcing 3H available?

Perhaps this particular sequence should be NF. I’m simplistic: if we have found a major suit fit, a new suit game try is forcing. That is indeed probably too simplistic for anyone wanting to me a master solver.

I have sympathy for that, and certainly am of the school of thought that being on firm footing is more important than squeezing every last bit of optimization out of agreements.

PROBLEM A: 5 Clubs
PROBLEM B: 1 Notrump
PROBLEM C: 2 Diamonds
PROBLEM D: 3 Diamonds
PROBLEM E: 4 Diamonds
PROBLEM G: 1 Notrump
PROBLEM H: Spade 8

                  A           B        C        D        E        F        G        H        Total
procrastinator    3H      70  1N   100 2D   100 P    50  4S   70  P    60  1N   100 CJ   30  580  
oirg              3D      40  1S   50  2D   100 3D   80  4D   100 3S   40  1N   100 S8   90  600  
SW                5C      50  1N   100 2D   100 3H   0   4S   70  3S   40  1D   90  S8   90  540  
Klaymen           5C      50  1N   100 2H   40  3D   80  4D   100 P    60  1D   90  HA   100 620  
ST                3H      70  2H   40  2D   100 3D   80  4D   100 4H   100 1N   100 HA   100 690  
BTDT              5C      50  1S   50  2D   100 3H   0   4D   100 3S   40  1N   100 HA   100 540  
NN                5C      50  1N   100 2D   100 3D   80  4S   70  P    60  1N   100 S8   90  650  
veni vidi vici                                                                                    
Submitted         5C      50  1N   100 2D   100 3D   80  4D   100 P    60  1N   100 S8   90  680  

                  4D      100 1N   100 2D   100 2S   100 4D   100 4H   100 1N   100 HA   100   
                  3H      70  1S   50  2H   40  3D   80  4S   70  P    60  1D   90  S8   90       
                  5C      50  2H   40           P    50           3S   40           CJ   30       
                  3D      40                    3H   0                                            

Our consensus 680 just missed the honor roll. Sweet Tooth’s 690 would have tied for 47-54.

A. Four spades. Partner may well just have a choice of games.
B. 2NT. Can’t find it in BWS, assume it’s a balance minimum
C. Yuck. 3NT, with 3H and 4C also possible. Second choice would be 3H.
D. 3C. Seems automatic.
E. Dbl. Seems automatic, but maybe 3H is better. 3H, not 3C would be my second choice
F. Four spades. Partner presumably had a definite reason to show them since pass would be forcing.
G. 3D. Seems like the only reasonable choices are 3D, 2NT and 3NT. This is the most likely plus, even though it may not be a big enough plus. Even if 4NT is unusual (could find it in BWS), seems wrong with only 9 minor cards. Pass could easily be the winner since partner is likely to bid spades.
H. C6. Partner did bid them

A) 4S
B) 2N
C) 4C
D) 3C
E) Dbl
F) 4S
G) 3H - near as I can tell, this is the only strong bid that doesn’t promise spades
H) C6

A) 5D
B) 3C
C) 3S
D) 3C
E) 3H. Partner probably has minor cards, but 4H could still be a good game. They have lots of spades, I think I will get another bid.
F) 3N. Partner welcome to overrule with my diamond values in a spade contract.
G) 3H
H) C6

A) 5S. Need to show extra values at some point.
B) 2D. Less a lie than other choices.
C) 3H. wtp?
D) 3C. Partner is something like 1-4-4-4 shape. Nice hand, but don’t hang him for balancing.
E) 3H. Hearts too good for a takeout double
F) 3NT. What else?
G) 3H. This isn’t Michaels. So it either shows both minors or asks about a heart stop - either one is fine. 2NT second choice.
H) Club 6. Leading through dummy’s club stop. Partner has to have a decent suit for a vulnerable overcall.

A. 5 spades. I thought forcing slam, but partner may have stretched to be able to find the best game if she is 44 in the majors, so will leave a little room.
B. 2nt. This seems like a bidding agreement question more than a problem, and feels impossible without knowing our agreements. 743 is not the best stopper, but this gets our general hand type off our chest.
C. 3 spades. I hope this shows some stuff in spades, but not enough to bid 3NT on my own. Also considered 3 hearts.
D. 4 clubs.
E. 3 hearts. Tempted by 3 clubs, definitely not doubling.
F. 3NT.
G. 3 diamonds. A bit worrying, but alternatives all seem worse.
H. Club 6. Does not seem like I will be in again, pard probably wants a club through.

July guesses:

A. 5D
B. 3C
C. 3S
D. pass
E. 3C
F. 3N
G. double
H. club 6

                       A     B     C     D     E         F       G         H
procrastinator        5S   2NT    3S    4C    3H        3N      3D        C6
oirg                  5D    3C    3S     P    3C        3N     Dbl        C6
SW                    4S   2NT   3NT    3C   Dbl        4S      3D        C6
Klaymen               5D    3C    3S    3C    3H        3N      3H        C6
ST                    4S    3C   3NT    3C    3C        3N      3H        C6
BTDT                  4S   2NT    4C    3C   Dbl        4S      3H        C6
NN                    5S    2D    3H    3C    3H        3N      3H        C6
veni vidi vici                                                              

Leading               4S          3S    3C    3H        3N      3H        C6

Hopefully we’ll get a vote from VVV tomorrow. If not I’ll go with 3C on B.

I looked at all the problems where my vote could potentially matter:
A After reading this correctly, 4S. I am worried about duplication of diamond shortage. Partner might easily have Jxxx Axxx x Kxxx, and 5 isn’t safe.
B I make the cheapest rebid here: 2D. When I rebid a major after a 2/1, it doesn’t promise 6, and when I rebid diamonds, it doesn’t promise 5.
C 3S. Second choice 3N.
E 3C

Also, on B, if you need a tie break, my second choice would be 2N.