Bridge: 2023 MSC discussion

A) 4H. If I try a 5C cuebid, pard will pick 5S and we’ll have to correct. 5NT Unusual? I don’t think so.
B) 3H. If both 3H & 3D make, this is higher scoring. Too rich to pass, I think.
C) 3NT for now. Hopefully pard doesn’t have x, Qxxx AQxx, AKxxx
D) 2H. My hand and my spots are just good enough to keep the bidding alive.
E) 2NT. Showing hand type. If partner next bids 3S, I’ll raise.
F) 3H. Too good to pass. Can’t bid 3NT.
G) 2H. “Intermediate”, which I define as 14-17. Ok, so I’m a maximum.
H) H3. Process of elimination.

February guesses:

A. 4H
B. 3H
C. 3N
D. pass
E. 3H
F. 3H
G. double
H. heart 3

Feb guesses:
A 4H. Other things may get us too high.
B Pass. Both vul matchpts thinking. Second choice 3S.
C 3N. If partner can’t pull this we probably don’t have slam. 4N may not make and 4C is misdirected.
D 2H. Second choice 2S. Can’t pass at matchpts
E 3H. My diamonds look more like a five-bagger than my clubs look like half a stopper.
F 3H or 4D. It’s close. 3H may get us to 3N opposite Qx (or opposite Kx and no heart lead).
G 2D. Classic problem. Partner is too likely to pass a double, so it’s 2H or 2D. 2D is less distorting with these spades.
H C9 to start unblocking (and because partner may need to shift to hearts to put me back in for another club). If partner had five hearts he probably could have bid. He may well have five clubs.

A) 4H. Maybe we have more, but maybe we don’t, and I want to suggest hearts.
B) 3H. He suggested I bid. I will.
C) 3N. Again concerned we may make more, but we might not.
D) 2H. Matchpoints
E) 2N. Clubs not ideal, but better than a spade raise on Jx (or a heart bid with only 4 diamonds)
F) P. Hoping he doesn’t have a heart stopper
G) Double.
H) D10. Nothing else appealing either.

A) 4H
B) 3H
C) 4S
D) Pass
E) 2N
F) 3H
G) 1H
H) Club 9 – ugh, twelve worse leads

                       A     B     C     D     E     F       G     H
oirg                  4H    3H    3N     P    3H    3H     Dbl    H3
SW                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N     P     Dbl   D10
BTDT                  4H    3H    4S     P    2N    3H      1H    C9
NN                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H      2H    H3
veni vidi vici        4H     P    3N    2H    3H     ?      2D    C9

Leading               4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H              

Leaders on 6 of 8. 3 days to go.

A. 4H, seems obvious, what am I missing?
B. 3 hearts. Tough one.
C. 3NT. if I was sure 4NT was natural, might try that.
D. 2 spades, 8 of hearts makes 2H tempting, but still too many work to do if we hit a stiff opposite IMO.
E. 2NT, clear to me.
F. 3H. Too big of a position to pass, though definitely possible no game makes.
G. Double.
H. Diamond ten. Second choice spade 2.

                       A     B     C     D     E     F       G     H
procrastinator        4H    3H    3N    2S    2N    3H     Dbl   D10
oirg                  4H    3H    3N     P    3H    3H     Dbl    H3
SW                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N     P     Dbl   D10
ST                    4H    3H    4S    2S    3H    3H      2D    S2
BTDT                  4H    3H    4S     P    2N    3H      1H    C9
NN                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H      2H    H3
veni vidi vici        4H     P    3N    2H    3H     ?      2D    C9

Leading               4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H     Dbl    ??

All frequent voters have already voted, and H is a real mess. Since ST is currently the 1 in the 2-2-2-1 split, I e-mailed him to get a second choice. Anyone else is free to provide further thoughts as well. Mainly, I think we all agree we hate all the leads. For myself, I rate them all as Hippogriph > D10 > C9 > H3 > S2.


ACBL Bridge Beat #20 – Hippogriffs... • American Contract Bridge League

I had heard the story before, googled to see if I could find the source. All I found was the ACBL reference.

FYI my second choice on H would be the CJ, if that matters. And my third choice would be the C2.

Sweet Tooth’s second choice on H is the H3.

I’m going with 3H on F.

I’m also changing my vote on B to 3H. While I like to seek out +200, clubs being a raised suit gives me pause. They may well be able to pick up my CQ, and I wasn’t a lock to set this even if they didn’t. 3S is tempting, but we can always run there if they try to penalize 3H. 3D is also tempting, given the better suit quality…, but hearts scores higher.

I’ve also been convinced by 2N on E. I might try 3C if you reversed my hearts and clubs, but 3H takes up so much space. The C10 may mean this doesn’t wrong-side 3N, and the hearts may be happier in the closed hand opposite a void rather than guessing which round to cover when the Q is led.

I’m changing my vote on G to 2H. I’d go with 3H but BWS doesn’t define the bid, so I’m afraid it might be taken as something else. For some reason I thought the spades were AKJ10 when I chose 2D. I’m not so thrilled about treating AKJx as a five-bagger when I have a decent six-bagger in hearts.

                       A     B     C     D     E     F       G     H
procrastinator        4H    3H    3N    2S    2N    3H     Dbl   D10
oirg                  4H    3H    3N     P    3H    3H     Dbl    H3
SW                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N     P     Dbl   D10
ST                    4H    3H    4S    2S    3H    3H      2D    S2
BTDT                  4H    3H    4S     P    2N    3H      1H    C9
NN                    4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H      2H    H3
veni vidi vici        4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H      2H    C9

Submitted             4H    3H    3N    2H    2N    3H     Dbl    H3

Letting ST’s 2nd choice become the tie-breaker on H, since otherwise it was 2-2-2.

                  A           B        C        D        E        F        G        H        Total
procrastinator    4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 2S   50  2N   100 3H   100 Dbl  100 D10  80  700  
oirg              4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 P    80  3H   80  3H   100 Dbl  100 H3   60  690  
SW                4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 2H   100 2N   100 P    10  Dbl  100 D10  80  660  
ST                4H      100 3H   70  4S   70  2S   50  3H   80  3H   100 2D   80  S2   80  630  
BTDT              4H      100 3H   70  4S   70  P    80  2N   100 3H   100 1H   30  C9   20  570  
NN                4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 2H   100 2N   100 3H   100 2H   20  H3   60  650  
veni vidi vici    4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 2H   100 2N   100 3H   100 2H   20  C9   20  610  
Submitted         4H      100 3H   70  3N   100 2H   100 2N   100 3H   100 Dbl  100 H3   60  730  

                  4H      100 3D   100 3N   100 2H   100 2N   100 3H   100 Dbl  100 CJ   100   
                              3H   70  4S   70  P    80  3H   80  P    10  2D   80  D10  80       
                                                2S   50                    1H   30  S2   80       
                                                                           2H   20  H3   60       
                                                                                    C9   20       

Our Submitted entry tied for 12-17 on the Honor Roll. procrastinator’s 700, high score among us, would have tied for 35-41. org’s 690 was the lowest score to make the honor roll, where it would have tied for 42-61.

Initial reaction:
A. 2 spades; will bid 3H if partner bids 3C
B. 2 spades. Pass is only alternative IMO.
C. 2 spades. Stick with the 2 spade streak? 3 hearts also possible
D. 2NT. Maybe double is better, but probably only if partner has 4 spades, and he didn’t make a negative double.
E. 5C. We shouldn’t force to slam, but this should get us to 6 if partner has Qxx or xxxx of clubs and an ace.
F. 4S. Not sure how we can bid 7 intelligently. I expect not to stop short of 6.
G. 3H? Bridge World Standard gives almost no guidance that I see. Bots would take this as forcing with slam interest, which is fairly accurate. Or maybe we should bid 3C now, or even 2D now. 2H should get 0, and 4H very little.
H. Spade 2. Hope to get lucky. Alternatives look worse.

A 2S. That’s enough with so many values wasted in diamonds. Second choice, 2N, to show so many values wasted in diamonds. :slight_smile:
B 3D We may yet have game, and I don’t think we want to defend 3H. I can see pass, but 2S showing a minimum when I am a passed hand (not everyone would have passed this) is nuts.
C 3H If partner bids 3S we have double agreement, yeah! If we belong in 6C, we need a way to unagree hearts, which we may not have, so I can see 3C here, and I think it’s close between 3C and 3H.
D Pass. 1N seems right with the double stop. There’s a case for 1S in case partner is broke with four spades. I can’t see any reason to double…We’d rather be in 1N than in diamonds, probably than in clubs, and partner doesn’t have a penalty pass. However, at both at matchpoints, why not let them take their lumps in 1H? This looks like a hand where nothing makes. Doubling is not good because partner wouldn’t pass.
E 5C. It’s tempting to try to bail in 4S, but that might be worse as partner rates to have a small singleton there for 4D.
F 4S Enough to be interested in slam, not enough to bid it. If partner can ask for aces now, great. Otherwise no more forward-going moves from me.
G 3S. Since 2S is a strength-showing natural bid, 3S is a splinter. We need diamond help for slam.
H DQ. I’d lead a spade at matchpoints, but this lead just needs Jxxxx and an entry from partner (or declarer has to knock out my CJ…)

March guesses:

A. pass hoping for the magic 200
B. 2S
C. 4H
D. 1N
E. 6C
F. 4S
G. 4H pessimistic with those 3 little diamonds
H. diamond queen

From ST by e-mail

                       A     B     C     D     E     F       G     H
oirg                   P    2S    4H    1N    6C    4S      4H    DQ
SW                    2S    2S    2S    2N    5C    4S      3H    S2
ST                     P    3D    3H    1N    6C    4S      3S    DA
veni vidi vici        2S    3D    3H     P    5C    4S      3S    DQ

Leading                                             4S              

4 voters so far, and only on E do as many as 3 agree (with all 4 agreeing on E).

But nothing with 4 different answers.

A. 2 spades, yuck
B. Pass. Game still possible opposite right passed hand; though not really giving partner any clues to valuation.
C. 3 hearts.
D. 1NT. Waffled between this and double.
E. 6 clubs.
F. 4 spades. Tough, with all the first round controls, might be hard to get any cooperation from partner, but not ready to bid 7 yet.
G. 3 spades, don’t like splintering with an ace, but seems like it will get partner to like the right hands here.
H. 2 of spades. Kind of wanted to make the “sexy” diamond queen lead, but in real life, think it is hard for partner to read, so will not get useful signal from her.