Brandon Sanderson Appreciation Thread

Couldn’t find a better place to put this. Rhythm of War is coming out in less than a week. I wasn’t going to read the early release chapters, but then I peeked at the prologue and couldn’t help myself. I have preordered the audio book.

Also, Dawnshard just came out. I got it and just need to find the time to read it.

Almost done re-listening to Oathbringer. :+1:

I did that earlier this year in preparation. He is such a good author.

The audio book for RoW is so big that you download it in 5 parts, and at the end of each part there’s a nice lady telling you you’ve reached the end of a part, but not the end of the book. Brought back memories of books on tape/CDs.

The book is great of course. It will take me forever to get through the 50 hours, but it has sucked me in. I’m on chapter 42.

I’ve read, and quite enjoyed, the Mistborn series (including what has been released of the Wax and Wayne stuff).

I’ve started Steelheart, and it shows promise.

Haven’t tried any of his others.

Way of kings starts of slow and really confusing. When I first listened to it I had to keep checking to make sure I hadn’t skipped chapters somehow. I think it takes like 4 chapters for you to even figure out who the main character is. Totally worth it though, it’s an awesome series.

I thought it was meh. It has been a while since I read it but my memory says first book was probably the best, other two were ok. They are easy reads (I feel like they were shorter, or at least quicker, than many of his other series) so it isn’t a huge time suck to read the trilogy but it isn’t one I have any interest in re-reading.

I reread the last few Wheel of Time books recently. I reread the 1st 2 books from the Mistborn trilogy before moving on to the others in the series and started the Stormlight series (while waiting on the library for Mistborn books).

I am on the 3rd in the bMistborn series and feel like it is a bit slow to start but am very interested to see how the TenSoon and Sazed arcs play out. I also found his forward interesting where he explains how he wrote this book and his focus on really developing a small group of characters.

I am also interested in getting back to the Stormlight series. I really enjoyed the first book. These have been a good break from some heavy lifting for other stuff I have been doing recently.

Never read any of his stuff, but he’s on my list of authors to check out (based on the recommendation of the YouTuber Isaac Arthur). What’s the best book/series of his to start with?

Mistborn is good if you’re up for a trilogy (there’s actually a second trilogy too, but the first trilogy stands well on it’s own). That was the first series of his I read and it made me a big fan.

Elantris is a great standalone book. I think that was his first published book.

Stormlight archive is his biggest endeavor yet. It will be a 10 book series. Book 4 just came out last month. The first book takes a while to hook you in, but once it does it’s awesome.

I like series and not having to wait for the author to publish, so Mistborn it is. I haven’t been reading as much this year; time to pick up the pace.

Just so you are aware - the second series that is set in the same universe is not finished yet. You can fully enjoy the original Mistborn series though.

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I’ve started the Stormlight Archive.

I think the best thing to do is to jump to “Part I: Silence Above” and come back to the initial Interlude (the bit right before Part I) and skip the prologue until later (perhaps right after Part II?).

I will say that when I started the first book I had no idea what to expect - I picked it up because Brandon wrote it. I was listening to it on Audible, and I had to keep checking because every chapter it felt like a different book, and it took me a long time to even figure out who the main character was going to be. The book is awesome on a re-read though.

I like L.E. Modesitt, Jr’s works along with Orson Scott Card’s writing; so I had a fair idea of what I would get with Sanderson. And I’ve not seen anything contrary to those expectations.

My biggest critique for Sanderson is to start out with who the main players are for the current story, and then find relevant vehicles to fill in “background knowledge.” I think Robert Jordon did the best at this.

FWIW, I see a lot of “Mormon influence” in all of these author’s writings. Not a bad thing, but I find it very interesting to see how each author treats “religion” in their various story lines.

The only Sanderson I’ve read is Mistborn Trilogy. It was OK but not so much I felt the need to read any of his other work. Though he seems to have a pretty big following.

If the first Mistborn trilogy didn’t do anything for you, he may not be your cup of tea.


Yeah it wasn’t bad. Just wasn’t the best fantasy series for me.

i’m sure the book would be a good read, but the audiobook voice actor really enhanced this one, especially when David is thinking/talking. I’ve always suspected that if I’d read rather than listened to this one, some of those sections would have felt somewhat stunted, while in the audiobook it’s very genuine to how people get caught up in their own words sometimes

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