Brandon Sanderson Appreciation Thread

lol, previous posts that were removed drifted away from what I wanted to say. Just wanted to say that it’s fun to talk about Mistborn with someone who is reading their first Sanderson Cosmere novel :slight_smile:

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You guys see this?


I’ve already backed the all in option on KS :flushed:

His kickstarter has become the #1 funded of all time. Raised just over $20M. Crazy!

I did the $60 option on kickstarter. Going in blind as well, not looking at any of the updates

I did the all in and I’m planning to go in blind as well. I would have just done the ebook tier, but this is the first (maybe second) kickstarter my wife has been excited about too, and we spend way more money when we’re both excited :joy:

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Not sure how closely you guys have been following this, but Sanderson and his team backed pretty much everything in the publishing category, as a way to say thank you.

In the video they talk about how Kickstarter sent a ton of emails at first. I didn’t get any of those emails, but I have a friend who did. She was super confused why she got 80 emails out of the blue, and wondered what the heck she had done wrong :rofl:

Oh my, he just keeps going

I really enjoyed the book that came out in January (still waiting for my physical copy), and am excited for the book that’s coming out in a couple of weeks. The boxes in between have been ok, with some fun small trinkets. I probably wouldn’t have shelled out the money if I had known exactly what I would be getting, but it was fun to be a part of something I guess.

Anyway, came here to post about this article. Have you guys seen this?

I actually found it through this YouTube video, and just read the article along with the video:

Here are links to the reddit posts where Sanderson responded to the article:

Sanderson has now written his own essay, and it is a really interesting read: