Brag about your kids thread

Why can’t you do this in the US?

You have the facilities and $$$.

Comes down to that really.

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I mean, you could say that about chess, poker, a lot of games, really…

Cribbage, though, not so much. I actually had more trouble explaining the game to a couple of former AOers than I did to my son.

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I recently bought a cribbage game so I can relearn it and play with my mom. My family loves to get together and play board games but my mom doesn’t like a lot of the newer games with complicated strategy. So I thought I would surprise her with Cribbage at our next gathering. We remember her playing with our grandpa.


Not the way I did it. When we played, I would stack the deck so that the “go-to” cards were basically in the proper order. It’s no fun to pull a “go-to the spot before the finish” on like the third card.

So you cheated at Candyland?

I mean, who hasn’t?

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Hahaha… I didn’t have that one as a kid. But pretty early on I decided that it’s not fun to win [anything] by cheating. I’m always surprised when I come across people who cheat at games that we’re just playing for fun.

lol. I don’t think that’s what Bro meant.

Yes. And proudly. Not to win, but to extend the time of the game and spend more time with the kids.

22 yo has been offered a “study place” and is now registered to attend the Sibelius Academy studying Vocal Arts, a 2.5-year (master’s level) programme.


That link is blocked by my work computer . . .

Here is a link to the Wikis:

Sibelius Academy - Wikipedia

How soon before we see your kid’s name added to the list of “Notable Students”?


It may be sooner than you think. You see…

Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject so you know you are getting the best possible information.


so, its a Finnishing school?



Literally, though, probably not, as she may continue on to her doctorate…who knows?

So my now 43 year old son decided to walk across Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland on his own and camp along the way. We didn’t feel he was capable of doing this but he was adamant and ignored our counsel.

He headed out with a heavy backpack on June 16 but realized after climbing a 1,000 foot mountain east of Vancouver that we were right. He removed his tent, sleeping bag, food and stove from his back pack and left those items with his older sister. He transited back to our house with the lighter backpack and restarted his trip on June 18.

Through a combination of walking, ride-shares, trains and buses he has made it to Saskatchewan and should be in Winnipeg by tomorrow. He will hit all the major Canadian cities on his trip (we are basically a linear country) and explore each one extensively. Ferry will be necessary to get to Newfoundland but no plane rides are planned.

We are relieved he has abandoned the cross-country camping aspect and that he accepted he was overly ambitious. He is having a great trip and hopes to be away until Xmas as he will loop back through the US to see various friends there. He lives for these trips so we are just pleased and proud that he can still have some adventures.