Brag about your kids thread

Yeah, but the pharmacies around me won’t do it for kids under 10, generally. A few do, but most won’t. And they won’t tell you they don’t unless you call and ask, I have scheduled appointments before online and provided their DOB, only to be turned away. And none of the ones convenient to us will. So we do all vax at their doctor’s office, their birthdays are in the fall anyway so it works out fine for the most part!

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Ah, I’ve gotten Mini Me vaccinated at Costco for both Covid and flu, but now that you mention it, it seems like maybe we did have a problem at CVS.

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Well my youngest is almost 24, and I’m pretty sure I gave up on flu shots with her when she was a teen. So this was 10+ years ago. And they didn’t alway have flumist.

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Supergeek son works cybersecurity (full-time remote), laid off with $25K severance. Two weeks later, he was offered 50% more than the previous job.


My son crocheted a Klein bottle. He came up with the pattern on his own.


I love a lot about this. How old?


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That’s beyond amazing.

Also, nerd.

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