Brag about your kids thread

i don’t get it.

not that i particularly want to, either, so don’t worry about explaining anything to me. i’ll just be over here old-man-yells-at-sky-ing it up for the next two decades.

I let her make a sandwich.
She bites the bread because “a chef must taste everything”.
She isn’t strong enough to squeeze the mayonnaise.
It’s a mess of pastrami and shredded cheese.
She declares it beautiful, eats 1 bites, and puts it down.
Claims she now has ‘powers’.
Runs back and forth across our kitchen 10 times.
Runs to the living room also, but there’s a book on the floor.
So she sits down, starts reading.
20 minutes pass. I read and eat some of her sandwich.
A neighbor knocks. They found a package of ours that had been discarded after having been stolen from our porch.
I tell her what happened, she says “Wait a minute, someone ACTUALLY STOLE IT?”
I say “Yes! You know how…” but she’s already sitting on the floor reading her book.


How old is she?


She is 6 now.

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She sounded like 6!

Saw this today and thought of you.


i see this and I think, damn, only 100 times a day? that’s not a lot for 6 billion adults…


We bribe our kids with an hour of delayed bedtime for every half hour they read during the summer, max of 3 hours delayed (so midnight).

My son has been reading for 2 hours today and doesn’t want to stop. Kind of reminds me of myself as a kid - only I didn’t have a tv or tablet as options, so reading was one of the few things I could do without going outside.


I got sent outside with my books :laughing: