I’m not a fan of cryptocurrency (or forex in general) as an investment. Too speculative for my tastes. However:

Saying it’s going up. Now that article could just be a pump and dump, but I recently saw a similiar article from a reasonably reputable place. I just can find the article right now.

Are we missing the boat? It’s possible.

A guy I knew bought some bitcoin several years ago just for fun. Then, 5 or 6 years ago, what he bought was worth around 100K.

He couldn’t find the file or whatever it was that he needed in order to sell it, though.

I know someone who bought $2k worth several years ago, sold near when it peaked for $20k, bought when it cratered, and now has $40k worth.

Talk to me like I’m 5. What is bitcoin?

I know … but I don’t really know … ya know?

More like:
“What is BitCoin?”
“It’s BitCoin!”
“What’s it do?”
“It’s BitCoin!”
“How do I get it?”
“It’s BitCoin!”
“How do I use it to purchase goods?”
“It’s BitCoin!”
“Sign me up!!!”

Anyone here had to deal with claims settlement over bitcoin theft? IRS position is still that it is ‘personal property’, which would theoretically subject it to basic property policy claims.

I feel like blockchain is going to impact the insurance industry but I have absolutely no idea how just yet. Still, I’d love to have a basic understanding of the technology - and I don’t have that.

I feel like I want to organize a webinar on the subject.

youtube, my dear friend.

Thanks for the reminder I need to buy some more

I know slightly more than I did. And I own a little now for fun.

I put it in the category of entertainment, not real investing. It feels like playing blackjack or buying lottery tickets. :joy:

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I think it’s ridiculous. It makes no sense to me. However, I still invest in it and have made some money. I sold a majority of it when it went up to $30k…who would have guessed it would double in just a couple of more months.

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I have no idea why it’s worth anything. When I ask people they tell me a bunch of stories about blockchain and future cryptos that will be like dolars. I’m like ok, but why is Bitcoin itself worth so much? It will never be like dollars for a lot of reasons. Actually the $ is basically a crypto currency at this point and by law every business in the US has to accept dollars so I really don’t understand crypto at all unless there is some online marketplace that develops that needs it’s own currency (VR worlds?)

Basically I don’t own Bitcoin and never will but I hope everyone that does makes a lot of money or whatever.

This is true for some currencies.

the whole point is the appeal of decentralization. If the government doesn’t know what you’re buying, they can’t tax you, or penalize you for illegal purchases.
I think more and more businesses are accepting bitcoin.
Isn’t tesla going to allow it?

With how much debt we have, the inflation for the dollar will skyrocket soon. Bitcoin is more inflation resistant than gold, because there literally is a cap on how many there will ever be.

These are the 7 I own. Which means nothing. The only one I know anything about is MANA and there’s some online casino that’s going to open up to it next month, so it might jump. That’s literally 100% of my knowledge. I’m in it for the entertainment value.

I bought orchid because I like orchids. I bought polygon because I like geometry. :joy:

you could retire any day nowz!!!

Right?! :joy:
I really do think of these like lottery tickets.
I don’t have that much in any of them though so it’s going to take a BIG jump for any one of them to really pay off for me.

My brother did buy some dogecoin at 4 cents. Idk how much he had in it though. Not that much and I think he’s letting it ride.

It still confuses the hell out of me. No matter how much I read and no matter how many videos I watch.