Bitcoin/Crypto Investment/Trading

Anyone buying BTC/Alts?


I was at the likker store today and I saw this giveaway for $10 of bitcoin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

2 more exchanges froze withdrawals last week? That can’t be a good sign.

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wait for banks to freeze withdrawals

That’s usually a really bad sign.

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rip shitcoins

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friend had this story recently. (And i hope they 100% got out of the coins)

husband is a CS guy who has worked in CS departments for 20 yrs programming and doing instruction. back in the day he invested smallish in crypto (I assume bitcoin or whatever was “first”). Checked his account recently (only recently) and told the spouse “well, the account is worth $4M. In november i guess it was $11M.”

So, if they got out of it, they stumbled into life-transforming wealth. A big “if” right now.

hopefully those coins aren’t being held by Celsius or one of the other failing crypto banks

I assume a CS guy who bought in so early would own it directly.

Anyone else has been loading up their bag?
The low prices were too juicy to not have.

Prices are still very low for long term holders so never too late to get in.
I’ll be aggressively buying during the next two years.

nope, my bags were full before it crashed



I assume you meant your bags were full and you weren’t looking to add more.
I’m just recommending that you buy more at lower price levels, if you can.

I prefer cash to an investment during a recession imo

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Youd basically be a billionaire if you held depending on how much you initially bought. I had quite a few BTC as well but sold before it rallied to almost 70k.
Def hurts a bit.

Bankman-Fried went from $16B to 0 this week

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Easy come, easy go.

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At some point, when you are worth 16B, you need to put aside a single Billion into treasuries or some insured bond portfolio that is rock solid. Always make yourself a foundation to fall back on.