Bitcoin/Crypto Investment/Trading

I’m sure he has properties

Love to see it

You don’t want to go down to the two comma club, imo.

Will Grayscale be the next domino to fall?

And so it starts, celebrities that endorsed FTX under scrutiny.

Do Kwon who oversaw a $40b stable coin collapse may be extradited to South Korea after being found in Montenegro with multiple passports.

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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao steps down - and pleads guilty to criminal charges

$4B settlement with US regulators and sentencing next year.

Crypto is on a bit of a run. My $1k investment was about $300 a year ago, but now it’s very nearly $600. Gonna retire early at this rate!!!


I have house money in it.
Goal is to have double digit amount of bitcoin and just let it ride. Pretty getting close but dang price is appreciating so quickly.

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God damn! That’s a lot of bitcoin

Can I interest you in some feet pics?


Not generally but I signed up for Etoro and they gave me $10 worth BTC for free. My inclination is to turn it back into regular money but I have not done that yet.