Biden's first press conference


What sayeth the Biden backers on this site?

  • He’s too busy pushing through his agenda
  • He’s too busy dealing cleaning up messes left to him by Trump
  • He’s too busy dealing with COVID-19 vaccine distributions and helping push through stimulus legislation
  • He’s a very old man and between naps he’s busy signing the record numbers of EOs put in front of him
  • His mental capacity is rapidly declining and this would showcase the slide to the world emboldening our enemies
  • He’s too busy building/reopening cages for children on the border and coming up with new euphemisms to call them.
  • His campaign promise for transparency was just typical meaningless political words
  • He’s a very old man with many failings, but at least he’s not Trump

I definitely think we should do similarly to the UK where the PM gets grilled every week on everything and anything.

I’ll admit that this along with a lack of an address to Congress is getting suspicious of something.

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I agree. He should be out talking to Americans IMO. We had a liar for 4 years and now we have crickets.

He is literally doing one tonight at 8 PM EST.

I wonder if Chopper Talk was considered a press conference in the last presidency.

Giving a speech != a press conference

Jen Psaki is doing his press conferences for him.

That’s the criticism. He hasn’t held a solo press conference where he takes questions from the press in his almost 2 months in office, which is different from his 15 immediate predecessors (which would take us all the way back to “Silent Cal”).

I don’t really care about this, but some – particularly the White House press corps – do care. Even CNN is growing critical: A record Joe Biden shouldn't be proud of - CNNPolitics

It’s more than just CNN, ABC News is also starting to become critical of the issue


Data here:

I don’t know what counted as a “press conference” for Trump in 2020.

I’ve seen clips of JFK, he was good, but maybe I was just impressed by the Boston accent. And, the press was more polite then.

If this is “any and all questions” I think he’s wise to wait until he is up to speed. Someone could ask him if he has talked to President Tokayev yet.

I think Biden is deliberately taking an “it’s not about me” approach. I think that’s fine. He can let Psaki field most stuff.

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Well its not like he forgot the name of the Secretary of Defense or what to call the Pentagon or anything.

passed covid relief already and is ramping up vaccine distribution. i don’t really care if he has an official press conference, whatever that even means, since i’ve seen him speak.

That claim is unclear at best.

He should be tweeting, as is tradition.

Lol. I checked out that link. So Trump did one solo press conference in his first year? He’s got Biden beat by one. And Biden still has 3/4 of a year to pass him.

Also, wow, back in the Cal/Hoover/etc days, they were doing press conferences every few days. At first I was wondering how much of that was “time of crisis”, but that seems to have been more or less the norm up until Nixon.

As the Christmas song says… “Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!”

That was before they started televising them. Then it became about a thousand times more about the image than words.


Dngaf about press conferences. But sure maybe he’s dead or something.

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