Biden says US will defend Taiwan

Oh my…

How long before the WH comes out and retract this?

It looks like they’ll start in the 2nd paragraph of the article…

Taiwan #1

Sounds like he’s calling China’s bluff.

I don’t get why they can’t let bygones be bygones. All the guys who started that war are like dead.

It’s not like you hear us being all bitter about our failed invasion of Canada



Well excuse me. I just woke up

Pretty sure this is not true. My grandparents would only be like 90 something if they were still alive. And they were part of the war. There are a lot of veterans in Taiwan.

The foot soldiers yeah, but the geezers at the top?

You might review the history of how WWII started . . .

“If the United States is saying it will defend Taiwan, people in Taiwan better start making plans for how they’re going to defend themselves without the help of the United States.”

– things the Kurds and non-Taliban Afghanis are saying to Taiwan right now

Suppose China says that Taiwan, as a “province” of China, should not have an independent military. It hits a few military targets in Taiwan with land based, short range, conventional warhead missiles. Just to demonstrate how strongly it feels about this.

The US response in 2021 would be …?
The US response in 2031 would be … ?

2021 - Democrats are in charge. Roll Susan Collins out to express all the ways she’s dismayed and annoyed. Lob a few missles into some Chinese wasteland, have Collins say that she’s sure the Chinese have learned their lesson.
2031 - Republicans are in charge. Complete global thermonuclear war, with at least 500 warheads pointed at Beijing and 250 at Shanghai.

I thought republicans are anti war

2021, trade embargo and lock China out of US financial institutions. China’s economy collapses similar to Iran.

2031, unclear.

Or china just locks US out of EV battery market. All EV production in the US comes to a halt.


As long as the US controls the global banking system they have a shit tonne of power.

Talk about GOP vindication when we can’t have any more EVs

How about a nice game of chess?



And China responds by shutting down Taiwanese chip exports. Also, launches a cyber attack on the entire US internet.

Economically, is China more dependent on the US than the US is on China? We would certainly be generating a shortage of goods in the US if “trade embargo” means we won’t import anything from China.

Politically, can a Xi deal with unhappy (and nationalistic) Chinese consumers longer than Biden can deal with unhappy (and can’t find Taiwan on a map) US consumers?

This is the rub. Is there any reason to believe that whatever leverage we have today will still be around in 2031? The Chinese can just keep building up their military while making their economy less connected to the US.