Biden Has COVID

Dude, it isn’t Marburg or Ebola.

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I’m kind of glad I never listened to the ‘why you no doctor yet’ hype cause I don’t think I would have lasted 1 day working in a clinic.

:lolup: at you being a doctor. you’re way too much of a germaphobe.

So this one won’t be about EV batteries and HSR?

My my covid president guy
Drove his ev to the station
HSR’s pie in the sky
Those good ole docs said
“Give paxlovid a try
and you can kiss long covid goodbye”

There’s surely going to be a pile of them. If he recovers well it’s probably going to be that he faked it, because he released a video saying he was vaccinated so clearly it’s a hoax. At the same time, he had a team of doctors giving him the secret COVID cure in the White House.

Most likely both would be pushed by the same people with no recognition of what they’re saying.

No, it wasn’t.

His behavior while he had COVID should have seemed shocking…but it was too expected to be so.

The only shocking thing to me was that he managed not to infect Biden in the process.

So little in fact that this piece of news quickly fell off the bottom of the news feeds in the UK and so I wouldn’t have known about it at all if it wasn’t for this thread.

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If he dies, dems might have a chance this coming election

And not for lack of trying. He knew he had covid at that debate, and i believe he did his best to spread it.


Jan 6 committee should put that one up as another reason to indict him.

In pretty sure that can’t be proven beyond reasonable doubt. But a lot of his weird behavior makes sense if you assume that was one of his goals. Arriving late, refusing to test, trying to violate protocol and get up close and personal anyway. Even all the yelling.

First, he’ll say he’s not worried and thankful to be fully vaccinated and boosted. Then they’ll give him the antiviral and he’ll get better.

Comments over at Fox News on a Biden article seem to think it’s just an excuse to hide Biden from the media and that this proves vaccines don’t actually do anything.

They also seem really upset that the white house doesn’t think it is important who he caught it from, claiming everyone had to do contact tracing the last two years to find out where they got it from.

that’s my opinion. at the time i was shocked. i don’t think you can tell me i wasn’t in fact shocked.

also i thought trump might die which also was part of the shock aspect. that isn’t really a concern with biden.

To be fair the yelling is a normal thing for him.

Arriving late and refusing to test, on the other hand, is pretty damning.

And now Biden has tested negative, and they say he’s nearly resolved all his symptoms. He’s leaving quarantine.

Biden uses first public outing since testing negative to tout his pandemic response Biden tests negative for COVID-19 : NPR

At least he didn’t do the standing on the balcony wheezing thing


I guess vaccines do work after all.

It’s astonishing at his age that he’s symptom free. I’m usually coughing for like a month post cold.