Biden Has COVID

I guess COVID is really over if it takes this long for a thread about POTUS getting COVID to be started.


Mentioned in other COVID threads. :man_shrugging:

Surprisingly not the AOC thread which seems to be about anything but.


The AOC thread is about her policies. Sorry you keep missing that. No clue what this thread will be about since there’s not much to say about Biden having Covid.

But Biden is old, as fox news will constantly remind you.

If he has to go to the hospital and get all the advanced, expensive (possibly not FDA-approved yet) treatment available at taxpayer money, I’m sure FoxNews will be all over him spending those tax dollars, just like they did with the last overweight junk-food junkie Prez, cuz not hypocrites.


So what will be the conspiracy theory if Biden avoids going to the hospital? It will have a lot to cover between Bidens age, vaccines, and approved treatments.

I expect they’ll give him pavloxid, and he’ll get better.

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The president is receiving Paxlovid, an antiviral drug used to minimize the severity of Covid-19.

NY Times

I’ll definitely vote for “hope he gets better”.

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I read he’s already taking it.

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But why would AOC be driving anything?

Are you confusing AOC and Kamala Harris, or am I missing something?


Deletion in progress.

I stated it in the covid virgins thread 8 hours ago that Biden has covid. I didn’t think this needed its own thread though. It was shocking when Trump got covid. At this point it isn’t shocking for anyone to get covid. Biden is getting paxlovid and likely will be just fine.

paxlovid is available to anyone over 50 and it works. i’m not sure there is a need to throw non-approved treatment at biden.

It’s available to anyone at moderate to high risk. That includes lots of people younger than 50.

yes, i know. my point is, it’s available to people joe biden’s demographic regardless of whether they are in a position of power.

I wonder how they’re handing him the paxlovid. I’m imagining they carved a little mail slot in the oval office and shove the pills and food though it.

Biden isnt the first person to get treated for covid ya know?

He isn’t even the first president to be treated for covid.

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