Biden forgives 10-20K of some student's loans

I think it was one of our asians talking about the easypeasy exams.

Gotta get your racist stereotypes in order!

My bad.

My younger kid did both of these things (sort of) after high school. She spent a year working at a horse barn, then about 5 months traveling for “missions” (which actually included a short stint in Thailand). She would have done more, but Covid. So she got a job at a local charity where we had volunteered as a family for several years. The charity works with inner city kids, most of whom are minorities. She is still working there and will be a sophomore in college this year. I think she may end up teaching.

somebody posted it here, you can use the search function, that’s how I made sure I spelled his name correctly

Yeah. I thought about this as an example of “public service”
The Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S. National Park Service).

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But he signed his post Prakash V. Naor (SpaceLobster misspelt it in the title as “Prakash V Noir”)

:rofl: I forgot the part about the cajones on the state’s biggest heifer (which, to add to the hilarity, is also misspelled!) :rofl:

Good stuff. Sage advice except for the heifer part.

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i don’t find it that funny. life isn’t fair. errr okay.

it sorta reeks of a “kids these days” attitude, which too many old people have.

(The part I found funniest was referring to the presence of large testicles on a biologically female young animal.)

But yes, some people (all of us at some point or other) do need reminders that life isn’t promised to be fair. Quite the opposite.

This sounds great. Kudos to your daughter!

My oldest daughter took a gap year after her first year of university and spent it backpacking around South Asia. The problem with her experience, in my mind, was that most of her time was spent with other Western travellers rather than working on a worthwhile local project. However she paid for her trip out of her own savings so I had no say in her activities.

Her daughter, my eldest granddaughter, is now starting her gap year (she just finished high school.) She will spend the fall working in London before going to Thailand for a month. I wish she was doing something of an altruistic nature but it will be like her mother’s experience. After that she will be working here in Vancouver to save money for university.

It was pointed out to me that my college was expensive. I’m like wtf? I paid almost nothing for it and it wasn’t even a good college. looked it up. it’s 50k a year just to go, not even including room and board. insane. i assume people get some scholarships though or something cause that’s crazy. not even a good school. makes me think all private colleges are kinda a rip-off right now.

also apparently my school is a great college for like one specific major right now (not my major) so others kinda ride the coat tails.

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