Hey Actuarial Students - A lesson on the fair (Prakash V Noir)

Millions of posts, 20 years, and this is easily my favourite post ever. Credit to Prakash V Noir:

Man, I just went on a rant in the Finance section. And it’s too bad that I put it in the Finance section, because nobody ever goes there. But it’s something that you actuarial students need to know.

You see, I’ve never seen a generation that was so obsessed with this idea that everything has to be “fair”. Where did you kids get that idea anyway? You spend all day cyberfarting around on the internet, then you study a few hours, and come exam time you get laid to waste by the exam. So these exams aren’t fair. If you can’t pass, it must not be fair.

OK. Let me tell you little squirrels something. I’m not even gonna charge you for this sage advice. My diminutive friends, the fair is something that comes once a year, in October. It’s at a nice little place called the fairgrounds, where you walk around chomping on those big ole’ turkey legs, with the grease dripping down your T-shirt, then you rinse that sucker down with a few funnell cakes and a large diet coke. Then you go to the Midway and hand a few bucks to the carney’s and ride some rides. And you try to throw some of those rings around the pop bottles and win a teddy bear for that cute little momma that you’re dating. And after that’s over, you go to the Industrial Arts barn and gawk at the cajones on the states biggest heffer. That, my friends, is the fair.

Y’all missed the frickin’ fair. Now get over it!

Go get ya an actuarial book and pass the exams. And quit yer griping.

Where’d you buy the book that said everything had to be a fair?

Life ain’t fair.


Prakash V. Naor


the thread for that post:

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not sure there are any other worthwhile posts in that thread

I decided to bump several of my favorite threads for posterity yesterday, including that one. If you think of any classics I missed, please bump those too.

Nice, thanks for doing that.
I didn’t look through your bumps completely, and I haven’t really been on top of any posts in the last 10 years or so, but there’s two things I recall. First is the reef invasion. OMG. Secondly, I never did actually see the thanksgiving spew. Knowing what those cas folks were posting back in the day, I bet it was quite a thing to behold.

Was the Thanksgiving thing the 6 o’clock news thread? That was a fun one.

Can someone please teach my kids about the fair?

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The only problem with the description is that “heffers” [sic] don’t have “cajones” [sic].