Best things about Costco

It’s been years since I’ve been to a Costco but I love their food menu and their giant bears!


Daughters had a sleep over where they were allowed to bring “one teddy bear”…so they brought their Costco-teddy-bear. Hilarity ensued.


The law school is a pretty good deal

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“Your who I really came for”? Really? you're wrong.

Oh! Look at that!!! Discobot automatically changes “[Your] wrong” to “you're wrong”.

The Costcos near me stopped giving sauerkraut and onions with the hot dogs. You may be able to get mustard and/or catsup, though. I put my own mustard on.

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wtf why would they do that? heresy!

Pretty sure my Costco stopped having sauerkraut when they got rid of the Polish sausage. Sad day.


:shrug: happened after they re-opened the food court during COVID. The took away all the dispensers, too.

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that’s racist

I’ve hated the stuff ever since my mom tied me to the wall and stuck a funnel in my mouth and force fed me nothing but sauerkraut until I was twenty six and a half years old.



Rotisserie chicken is an awesome deal. The dog loves chicken day.


Weird RN, but I’ll ALlow it.


We used to have Usinger’s brats at the Costco deli in Wisconsin, but that went away circa 2019.
That was a really sad day.

Shout out for 5+ lbs of pumpkin pie, similarly sized cheesecakes and the days when the samples are so good you can practically have a meal from them.

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No more polish sausage or combo pizza at ours. :disappointed_relieved:

They used to have giant take-n-bake pizzas for like $9 too. Was sad to see those go away.

Rotisserie chicken is still a great deal though. We make enchiladas with that.

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No Polish sausages? OK, we don’t have those either. I think they were around before we went to brats, then when brats left we just had hot dogs.

Take-n-bake pizzas? I don’t ever remember seeing those.

No combo pizzas? :redcard:

did my last re-finance through a company through costco. Broker said I saved like $2K or something, if he is to be believed

It is chicken day! :dog:

Sadly it was vet day and no-chicken Costco day.