Best lifting apps?

I’m looking for an app to track the weights I’m lifting / rest period between sets.

I could use a Google sheet easily enough, but, there must be something already out there?

Eh, three minutes if you are puffing afterward.
I’m currently at 1.5 minutes, as I am nowhere near my max lifts.

The app I use for the weights I lift is a strip of paper printed from a spreadsheet, which has only that day’s lifts, and the data are entered with a pen. Its use is solely for determining how much I’ll lift the next time (5lbs more, except 10lb for deadlifts).
Not keeping a log or anything. That seems too OCD.

When I find a new routine of exercises to do, I’ll create a new tab. What else is Excel good for?

Paper? Why not etch it into mud?

I want rest period available because if I go low rep high weight I use shorter rests. It’s a data point I’d like the app to have available for entry.


I can’t keep the mud for the next workout. Sheesh.

Based on my recent internet search, there are a lot of opinions on how long to rest. I don’t think any one app will be THE opinion that is right. So, take your stopwatch (or, in my case, sundial, cuz I’m old) and set it to whatever you want it to be.

What will these data be used for? To remind you of how long you should rest, based on the type of workout? Or, to tell some app to push ads to you during your rest time?

From a web page made this month (so, most corrected?):

The ideal rest period depend on your goals. Muscle hypertrophy, or muscle building and growth, may require less rest than power lifting, for example.

  • Muscle hypertrophy : 30 to 60 seconds
  • Muscle endurance : 30 to 60 seconds
  • Power : 1 to 2 minutes
  • Strength : 2 to 5 minutes

You’re not understanding.

I don’t need the app to tell me how long to rest.

I need the app to record the data on how long I rested.

I want the app to note the day, exercise, weight, number of reps completed, and rest period between sets.

I’ll decide on the rest period, I just want it recorded.

You are right. I do not understand why you would want that recorded.

On my printed workout, I note how long I should be resting. And I use my phone as a timer.

“Rest time” is an ambiguous term.

What is the exact time you are measuring? From the end of one lift to the actual start of the next one?

From when you get off the bench, press the button, rest, press the button then get under the bar again? Are you counting the seconds before and after the button press? Could be an additional 10-20 secs, which is up to a third of a minute. Quite a chunk of time in shorter rest periods.

Do you include the time you are changing wights? Is that really rest, is you are lifting plates or shuffling around dumbbells?

I use [strike]Excel[/strike] Libre Office. I don’t track time between sets though, it’s always 1 minute for me.

“Winter is Coming…”

I just make sure I rest more than my expected rest time. Not a shit-ton more, mind you. And, I do not get anal about the exact number of seconds. Timer goes off after 90. I might turn it off at 5 seconds left and walk over to the weights. I might forget (I’m reading and pacing) about the timer, and it goes off.
I change weights or positions (high rack to low) right after I’m done with the last set. THEN I start the timer. Because it doesn’t matter all that much to me. I do it right after, because I don’t want to start the next set right after moving the weights. (Cuz, old.)

I also second maybe just using a notebook, the kind made out of paper.

I do so much chit chatting in the gym, the time between my sets can be anywhere from 2 mins to 10 or 12.

Don’t be a slave to your program’s stated rest periods

How did they get that picture of me? Must have been one of my bad hair days.
I’m not experienced, though. I’ll go with what I do, because I want to be done with my workout in a shorter period of time. That’s pretty much the only reason I set my timer (cell phone, not sundial, as I wrote above).

Pure strength training requires complete recovery between sets. Many coaches recommend up to five minutes between work sets.

But when they say this they mean “more or less” five minutes to complete recovery. It’s a gauge, not a dictation. It was never meant to mean that if you do your next set at 4:45 then you haven’t rested enough and have violated the program.

Anyway, I think that snick is looking for app that is a stopwatch, not a timer.
snick seems to let his body tell him when he is recovered, but wants to know how long that was and wants an app to keep track of what he does and not to tell him what to do. It’s an interesting idea.
A stopwatch, pencil, and paper will also do this.
Is that right, snick?

I’m kind of baffled how I could be explaining this so poorly.

I wanted an app to simply record what I lifted when, and, inclusive of that how long I waited between sets.

For now I’m using a google sheet. I do not want to lug around a paper notebook and writing implement.

I have no idea where the idea came from that I wanted the app to keep track of the rest interval, or to tell me what to lift. All I desired was data entry.

I wanted rest between sets recorded because it impacts how many reps can be done. Waiting 1 vs 3 vs 5 minutes makes a huge difference in what you can get out of a second set.

I know enough I don’t need an app to tell me what to do. Just to be a memory aid of what I lifted last time.

Can’t you just use google sheets on your phone?

I’m advanced enough to gauge my own rest periods. (When I’m not conversating) it usually is around 2-3 mins. During that time, I usually take a slow lap or two around the gym; I don’t like just sitting there.

I leave my phone in the locker, so I’m not tempted to browse anything.

We get it but what we’re saying is your requirements are so specific that there probably isn’t an app that accommodates your way of working out which is why you should just use a spreadsheet or paper. Or the blank notes app on your phone.

Fitness apps are one size fits all and there will always be something about your workout that won’t fit.

You don’t have to lug the notebook around, surely your memory is good enough to just write it down when you get home.

It also shouldn’t be too hard to code up your own app or just define a JSON template that you can fill out for each set.